Swift Navigation Named a 2021 PACEpilot Innovation to Watch

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Swift Navigation, a San Francisco-based tech firm redefining GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and precise positioning technology for autonomous vehicles, automotive, mobile and mass-market applications, today announced its precise positioning platform has been named a 2021 PACEpilot Innovation to Watch by Automotive News.

The Automotive News PACEpilot award recognizes post-pilot, pre-commercial innovations in the automotive and future mobility space. These represent product, software/IT system or process and idea incubators that have the potential to revolutionize an automaker’s business. This was the second year Automotive News recognized PACEpilot honorees and the first time they named Innovations to Watch. Swift’s precise positioning platform was selected as one of 10 winners from a group of 23 finalists from 20 companies.

Swift’s precise positioning solution consists of the receiver-agnostic Starling® positioning engine and cloud-based corrections from Skylark™ precise positioning service. The system was designed for autonomy and built to scale for automotive, to change how automakers and OEMs navigate by reducing costs, improving product flexibility, improving safety and delivering high-fidelity, lane-level absolute positioning.

Swift’s technology has been developed into a precise positioning platform that can improve current vehicle GNSS-based positioning from an average of 3 meters of accuracy to better than 4 centimeters. Swift’s solution is a software-only implementation with minimal impact to hardware on the vehicle. Furthermore, this accuracy can be guaranteed down to less than one failure per 1,142 years of driving, making it the most reliable ADAS and automated driving sensor on the vehicle.

“The team at Swift is honored to receive this recognition from Automotive News”, said Joel Gibson, Executive Vice President of Automotive at Swift Navigation. “Swift is bringing its ground-breaking, high-accuracy localization to the automotive space and we appreciate that those in the industry are taking notice.”

To learn more about how Swift’s precise positioning platform can benefit your automotive and autonomous vehicle applications visit swiftnav.com/automotive or contact sales@swiftnav.com.


Swift Navigation is changing the way we navigate and understand the world. Swift’s precise positioning technology platform improves location accuracy from several meters to centimeter-level and is used by millions of devices across the globe. Swift’s technology is trusted by users across industries, enabling safer driving, improving efficiency for last-mile delivery and commercial transport operations, increasing accuracy for mobile devices and creating new possibilities for rail, robotics and machine control. Learn more about how Swift works with its customers and partners to deliver accuracy, efficiency and safety at swiftnav.com, follow Swift on Twitter @Swiftnav

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