UpCity Survey: 15% of Employees Would Feel a High Level of Stress If Required to Return to the Office

Recent survey reveals that employees would feel little stress about returning to a shared workplace

CHICAGO, Oct. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the world are faced with a number of difficult decisions regarding how and where their employees conduct their work. It's true that with technology in 2021, many of the tasks workers perform can be done from home, or otherwise remotely, but it's by no means the case for every kind of business, and in-person work is certainly not exclusive to folks wearing blue collars.

With that in mind, UpCity decided to survey employees in a wide variety of industries in both the United States and Canada about their stress levels related to going back to a shared office space. Here are the results from nearly 600 respondents.

Question 1: Do you currently work in a shared office space?

Yes No
23% 77%

What's interesting about this general opening question is that it appears as if many businesses still embrace the remote-working culture that has blossomed since the spring of 2020, but some are beginning to pull their employees back to the mothership.

Question 2 is broken down into whether the respondent answered Yes or No to Question 1.

Question 2 (if Yes): Given the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic, does working in a shared office space cause you to feel stress?

No Stress Some Stress High Stress
51% 34% 14%

Respondents here are "early adopters" of returning to the office. Regardless of being required to return or not, there's a group that has always been ready to go back as soon as possible. Thus, it makes sense that the "No Stress" percentage is slightly higher than that of respondents who haven't returned, as seen in the results below.

Question 2 (if No): If your employer required you to return to a shared office space, would you feel stress?

No Stress Some Stress High Stress
47% 38% 15%

Expectedly, the numbers show that there is a slightly elevated level of "Some" and "High" stress feelings for individuals who do not currently work in a shared space. 

The final question asked respondents how they would feel their stress levels would be affected if their company enacted a policy that mandated vaccination before returning to in-person work in a shared space.

Question 3: Would a workplace vaccine mandate make you feel less stressed about returning to the office?

Yes No
46% 54%

The overall results show a significant divide in how people view in-person contact in the workplace as we approach the fourth quarter of 2021. Some employees are ready to leave Zoom meetings in the dust and be back in the office full-time. Others are perfectly content to conduct their work from home and avoid the morning commute. Unfortunately, company decision-makers will have to navigate the complexities of this pandemic while remaining agile in their policies and balancing the health of both employees and the business itself.

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