New Premium Helmet With Top-Quality Features Made Affordable and Approachable

CRNK, the Revolution of Helmets

CYPRESS, Calif., Oct. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CRNK, created by the company Analogue Plus, will soon launch a campaign through Kickstarter. CRNK makes top-quality helmets using the same materials as those expensive brands but is a lot cheaper and versatile. CRNK does not charge any "brand fee," which is the reason why those fancy brand helmets are expensive. While excelling in all the categories that a top-quality helmet requires, CRNK offers every consumer a reasonable price. CRNK will satisfy everyone's needs and desires.


  • Air Ventilation - Maximized heat release and comfort for regular road riding environment.
  • Weight - Minimized the weight and used the best amount of EPS for safety and lightness at the same time.
  • Fit - Provides comfort when worn and the size can be controlled between various sizes with the strap.
  • Design - Slim-fit design to reduce air resistance and give a sharp and speedy look.
  • Safety - Provides optimal safety using EPS, the best material for a helmet, for the inner foam and PC for the outside hard shell.

Three Designs of CRNK Helmet

ARC, the Peak of Balance and Style

Arc peaks in great outer design, fit, safety, and even ventilation. This design takes pride in optimal balance and operates well with people who think importantly of the appearance when riding.

  • Slim and Wide Ventilation - Aero-line design and elegant ventilation system embedded. Gives a clean look with excellent heat release.
  • Light Weight - Only weighs 220g, making this helmet great for long-distance riding.

ARTICA, Daily Helmet with Weightless Fit

Artica prides a comfortable and weightless fit. With only 23% of the inner surface touching the head, it will feel like the rider is not wearing a helmet. It is designed to make the head feel free and protected at the same time.

  • Weightless Fit - Only 23% of the inner surface touching the head minimizes the pressure and discomfort and maximizes the heat release.
  • Wide and Tunnel Ventilation - Total of 11 vents to allow smooth air flow and prevent sweat and humidity from gathering inside.

GENETIC, Road-Style Aero Helmet

Genetic is fit for long-distance riding and exercising. It has excellent air resistance and heat release due to the hidden-vent on the front and top of the helmet and the wide vent in the back.

  • Skull Fit - Designed skull fit, it maximizes the fit to any head shape, making the wearer feel safe and comfortable.
  • Hidden Vent and Rigid Brace System - The hidden vent on the front and top decreases the air resistance.

HAWKEYE, for More-Enjoyable Riding

Hawkeye goggle has four types of wide full-cover lenses including yellow, photochromic, clear and revo. Choose the goggle fit for the purpose and environment of the riding.

  • Optical Clip & Silicon Nose Pad - To allow all the riders more comfort, Hawkeye provides two types of silicon pad and optical clips for the lenses. Use them according to the size and shape of the nose.


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