Total Expert and FinLocker Partner to Help Financial Institutions Provide a Personalized Path to Homeownership

With Total Expert driving relationship engagement, FinLocker enables consumers to achieve goals through personalized communication from their financial institutions

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Total Expert, the customer experience platform purpose-built for modern financial institutions, and FinLocker, a leading next-generation, consumer-permissioned personal financial fitness platform, today announced a partnership to provide the customers of modern financial institutions with a personalized path to homeownership and other important financial milestones.

Combining the technology of Total Expert and FinLocker empowers financial institutions to deliver data-backed, personalized communication to their customers on topics such as credit monitoring, budgeting, the mortgage process, and homeownership readiness. As FinLocker analyzes and aggregates consumers’ financial information in one place, Total Expert’s Journey functionality drives customized engagement at critical consumer touchpoints.

“With FinLocker and Total Expert, modern financial institutions can help customers find their financial footing, so they can achieve important goals like improving their credit score, paying off debt, buying a home, and preparing for retirement,” said Brian Vieaux, president of FinLocker. “By leveraging Total Expert’s dynamic engagement tools, we’ve amplified our in-app user experience while making it easier for banks, lenders, and credit unions to help their customers lead healthy financial lives.”

A powerhouse executive team of Vieaux, Henry Cason, CEO of FinLocker, and Joe Welu, founder and CEO of Total Expert, spearheaded the partnership under the objective of helping customers achieve financial well-being while financial institutions deepen customer relationships.

“In their mission to help people prioritize financial wellness, FinLocker created the perfect environment for our Journey functionality to provide tremendous value,'' said Welu. “With help from automated, personalized communication from their trusted financial networks, customers can stay engaged with a full view of their financial lives and make the right decisions toward their goals.”

The partnership is one in a series of new partnerships announced by Total Expert this year, following rollouts with InGenius (formerly 6 Solutions), RatePlug, and Salesforce.

About Total Expert

Total Expert is the leading fintech software company that delivers purpose-built CRM and customer engagement for modern financial institutions. The Total Experience Platform unifies data, marketing, sales, and compliance solutions to provide a cohesive experience across the customer lifecycle. Total Expert turns customer insights into actions to increase loyalty and drive growth for banks, lenders, credit unions, and other financial services firms. For more information visit

About FinLocker

FinLocker is a secure personal financial management tool that aggregates and analyzes a consumer’s financial data to provide a customized journey for the consumer to achieve loan eligibility for a mortgage and other financial transactions. For more information visit

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