Novus Launches Greater Good Award Program

Award program aims to support institutions that invest to make the world a better place

New York, New York, Oct. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Novus Partners, a portfolio intelligence company servicing both asset allocators and managers, today announced the launch of its “Novus Greater Good Award” program which is geared to foundations, endowments, pensions plans and sovereign wealth funds that can demonstrate a positive impact they are making on the world through their investments.

"We recognize that today, capital allocators are the actors who are directly investing in our collective future. By empowering a mission-driven investor via the ‘Novus Greater Good Award’ we hope to contribute in a small way to making that future just a little bit brighter," said Andrea Gentilini, Chief Executive Officer at Novus.

The award program aims to support institutions that invest to make the world a better place by magnifying those actions with the winning institution receiving one-year of complimentary access to the Novus Portfolio Intelligence platform to support their workflows. 

The award package includes Novus’ full suite of data services (ingestion, harmonization, and enrichment) as well as its multi-asset class analytics toolset and reporting engine. Entries for the award are being capped at 100 submissions. Applications can be submitted directly at

Applications must be submitted by November 12, and must demonstrate the positive impact applicants are making on the world and how they believe the Novus Portfolio Intelligence platform can amplify their impact. Current Novus users do not qualify to enter though they are encouraged to nominate their partners or peers.

“We've proven that better insight into one's data leads to better decisions and better outcomes. In our industry, better outcomes can include grant work, scientific research, humanitarian aid, art, a cleaner planet, and more secure pensions. This award seeks to magnify such outcomes,” Gentilini added.


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