Alphawave IP announces production availability of new PCIe-CXL solution on TSMC N5 process for storage and broader chiplet market

London, UK, Oct. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alphawave IP, a global leader in high-speed connectivity for the world's leading technology infrastructure, announces production availability of a new 5nm connectivity IP focused on the PCIe-CXL market.

The ground-breaking solution, built on TSMC’s advanced N5 process, and based on requirements from numerous leading hyperscaler and semiconductor companies, is targeted to the storage market, and at a broader set of chiplet customers that require a hybrid PCIe-CXL solution. This further enhances Alphawave’s high-speed connectivity IP portfolio that delivers industry leading power, area and performance for applications such as Servers, Networking, Optics, Solid State Drives, AI and Base Stations.

“This development was the direct result of tight integration and collaboration with some of our most advanced customers, who demanded a 5nm production-ready solution in 2021. We are so pleased that our team could deliver this industry-leading solution ahead of anyone else in the market,” said Jonathan Rogers, Founder and SVP of R&D at Alphawave IP.

“This development is very important for two key reasons. First, it once again demonstrates our technology leadership – this time on TSMC N5 process, the most advanced foundry solution available with best Power-Performance-Area (PPA), and with a high-end PCIe-CXL production solution required by our most demanding customers. Second, it demonstrates the commitment of Alphawave to the chiplet market.  This solution will enable our most sophisticated hyperscaler and semiconductor companies to build chiplet-based SoCs that require this high-end hybrid PCIe-CXL solution,” said Tony Pialis, President and CEO of Alphawave IP. “A key driver for our success in the market is our close collaboration with TSMC, the world’s leading semiconductor foundry with industry’s most comprehensive design ecosystem to enable the next-generation silicon innovations. We were pleased to work with TSMC on its industry-leading 7nm technology including the advanced N6 process and will continue our partnership to offer our leading portfolio of connectivity IPs on TSMC’s most advanced technologies at 5nm, 3nm and beyond.”

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