‘Queen of Green’ Dr. Kara Coe Provides Business Update Relative to Virginia’s Recent Legalization of Recreational Cannabis

RICHMOND, Va., Oct. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via CannabisNewsWire -- On July 1, 2021, the state of Virginia officially legalized the consumption and possession of recreational marijuana, a momentous policy shift that followed the opening of the medical marijuana market within the state a little over a year ago. Forensic-psychologist-turned-entrepreneur Dr. Kara Coe, popularly known within professional cannabis circles as the “Queen of Green,” has been on the forefront of the Virginia cannabis movement, most recently through the launch of her diverse cannabis-focused business portfolio, and today provides an update on her business endeavors relative to Virginia’s recent recreational cannabis legalization.

Dr. Coe, who previously served as a civilian forensic psychologist in a myriad of global war zones and witnessed first-hand the benefits of CBD products for veterans suffering from PTSD, has sought to address the demand for high-quality cannabis products within the state of Virginia through the recent inauguration of Queen's Green Apothecary, a refined 6,000-square-foot Virginia Beach-based apothecary and craft cannabis boutique store that features a broad array of legalized cannabis products, including Delta 8 and myriad CBD products. In addition to the apothecary, Dr. Coe has recently opened the Cannabar, an “Alice in Wonderland”-themed smoking lounge that is the first venue of its kind in Virginia, where canna-users can light up free of judgment for a daily price or a monthly membership fee. She has additionally launched Lifted Latest, a monthly regional newsletter featuring “Pot News You Can Use,” expert columnists and a “Friend of 420” section.

Dr. Coe’s budding cannabis empire also encompasses InkWell MetaFarm, a range of THC-infused products designed to help people with fresh tattoos heal naturally and beautifully, as well as Fit Fizzies™, a new-and-improved craft seltzer drink infused with THC as well as essential vitamins like B, C and D. Overall, her cannabis-focused endeavors are forecast to generate revenues of more than $3 million over the coming year – a remarkable achievement given the relatively nascent state of the Virginia cannabis market.

Speaking on a phone interview from her flat in Boston, where she often stays when she’s not in D.C. or Virginia Beach, Coe commented on her ambitions within the cannabis sector: “Women nurture others by nature, so even though this is a male-dominated industry, it’s natural that a woman would harness the healing power of cannabis and develop products to help others on a global scale.”

In addition to her commercial achievements, Dr. Coe looks to make a social impact through Lady’s Grace, a nonprofit organization devoted to improving the lives of military families, which she co-founded in 2014.  She has also served on a various nonprofit boards, including CASA and FNRA, receiving several leadership awards for her service.

Ultimately, for Coe, healing begets healing.

“When I was in residency, Harvard Med didn’t even mention the cannabinoid system,” she said. “I’m excited for the research and therapeutic interventions this new legislation will bring.”

About Dr. Kara Coe:

Born and raised on the East Coast, Dr. Kara Coe knew early she wanted to help people. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology and completed residency, fellowship and postdoctoral training through a program at Harvard University. She has done work with forensic and military populations and has published a wide range of empirical literature, including articles related to parasuicidal behavior, psychopathy, interrogation, delinquency and transgendered patients. Coe is finishing a memoir depicting the internal struggle of soldiers she treated while working for the U.S. Army and NSA. She was licensed to practice in Washington, D.C., and Virginia and works with government agencies consulting on matters of national security. She recently gave up her licensure to provide free and confidential PTSD therapy to Navy SEALs. Her methods are believed to be unconventional but highly effective.

In 2021, while helping to pass cannabis legislation in Virginia, Coe opened Queens Green Apothecary, an “Alice in Wonderland”-themed smoke shop, and Cannabar, a luxury smoking lounge. As this release details, Coe also is involved with other CBD/THC products, including InkWell MetaFarm (products developed to heal burns and tattoos), equine hemp bedding, and a new line of ready-to-drinks (RTDs) that should be on shelves this fall.

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