Liquid Creativity: Melbourne Branding Agency Offers 5 Steps to Help You Build a Successful Brand

Melbourne, Australia, Oct. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Branding is an essential element when it comes to creating great experiences for your clients. Good branding allows customers to relate to your business and piques their interest in your products and/or services. If your brand is out of touch and no longer appeals to customers, it’s time for a revamp.

Liquid Creativity is a leading branding agency in Melbourne that has been combining storytelling, strategy and innovative visual design in order to create effective marketing and branding solutions for clients. The Liquid Creativity team can help you strategically define and reshape your brand, too – just get in touch to find out how.

Liquid Creativity’s top 5 steps to rebranding involve:

1.    Finding the ‘x-factor’

The first step towards building a successful brand is finding and defining your unique ‘x-factor’ – that special something that no other business has to offer. A good way to start this step would be to conduct a brand audit.

Liquid Creativity specialises in helping you to discover the exclusive value your business offers and showing you how to effectively present it. The agency’s branding experts can help you define the very essence of your brand and communicate it clearly to your clients.

2.    Understanding the market

Nowadays, markets are dynamic and ever-changing, so you need to ensure your business stays relevant and competitive.

To do this, your business needs an up-to-date, highly effective marketing strategy and clear, powerful brand positioning. You need to intimately understand both your business and the market to make them work together in harmony. Ultimately, effective branding should help clients understand your business’ identity and build an engaging relationship – and Liquid Creativity can help with this.

3.    Creating your brand identity

First impressions are powerful, fragile things, and your brand identity and design can make or break your business.

An effective brand identity and design should evoke a response in clients which is appealing and memorable, allowing them to link your brand with happy memories or emotions. It should clearly convey your brand’s values and personality to clients, helping them understand what your business is and what it stands for.

4.    Managing your brand

In the past, have you spent time and money rebranding your business only to find, within a couple of years, you’re not getting the results you’re used to? Because markets change regularly, you need to spend more time keeping a careful eye on your branding and make tweaks where necessary.

A Liquid Brand Partnership means that branding experts will help manage your brand, ensuring it stays relevant and your message looks consistent across your digital and printed marketing. This in turn should help attract and retain customers after your branding revamp.

5.    Growing your brand

Great brand marketing needs a clever approach to ensure that the right media is chosen and the customers are reached. This is how you guarantee your brand strategy will be able to deliver the tangible results your business needs.

Liquid Creativity can help you devise an efficient brand marketing strategy to raise customer awareness of your offer, increase the amount of new leads and boost sales and profitability.

For help with any of the above steps, simply get in touch with the Liquid Creativity team today!

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Liquid Creativity is a branding design agency based in Melbourne that has spent 25 years creating new brands and refreshing old ones, enabling growth via business naming services and other branding services.

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