Holberton School is opening in Australia with its first campus in Melbourne

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We are thrilled to announce the opening of Holberton School Melbourne, in Australia. This new campus will open in January 2022, and will be the first Holberton School campus in Oceania. Australia will be the 21st country to welcome a Holberton School campus, and Holberton School Melbourne will be the 30th Holberton School campus around the world. 

Across Australia’s workforce, 87% of jobs now require tech skills. By bringing Silicon Valley caliber software engineering education to Australia, Holberton aims to pursue its mission to help fill the digital skill gap, which is estimated in excess of 150,000 tech jobs by 2025 (source: RMIT Online).

“The traditional pathways into the Tech industry are stalling. With only 17% of total enrollments completing IT university courses (according to the Australian Government STEM Equity Monitor), we’re not seeing sufficient numbers of people joining the industry. At the same time, we lack the opportunity to top up our talent bank with imported skills. Most companies have responded to this market by engaging in a war for talent. The Holberton School of coding delivers the right solution at the right time as we need to build the skills more than buy them,” said Simon McSorley, Director of Crew Talent Advisory. 

Emmanuel Goutallier, director of Holberton School Australia will be leading the project to offer our alternative education to the most, first in Melbourne, and then to more cities in the country. “The ability to learn how to learn as well as learning what is under the hood and collaborate worldwide with other Holberton School students is a truly unique model that I will be proud to offer to our Australian students,” said Emmanuel.

The response of the corporate community to the launch of a Holberton School in Australia has been tremendous, especially because there is an urgent need to improve digital skills in Australia to ensure economic recovery from COVID-19 and to avoid jeopardizing a $10 billion growth in the technology, media and communications industries by 2025. As a result, Holberton School Australia is building an ecosystem of corporate partners that is willing to support the initiative from the very first day.

“The industry demand for skilled engineering talent is at an all-time high. More than ever, we need to be able to develop and grow diverse talent. We are so excited to see the Holberton school starting up in Australia. Its structure and model for learning and preparing its students for the industry is exactly what we need at REA.  We can’t wait for our first group of students to start the program in 2022,” said Chris Venter, CTO of RealEstate.

To equip 100 Australians in 2022 and 3,500 total trained students over five years with top tech skills and knowledge, Holberton School Australia will provide best-in-class Tech curriculums, starting with Foundations and followed by a specialization like Front-End Web Development, Back-End Web Development, Full-Stack Web Development, Machine Learning, and Blockchain.

Holberton School Australia plans to enroll 50 students in January 2022, and train and upskill more than 1,000 Australian students by 2023. The campus will offer 1-year “ready to work” curriculum.

About Holberton School

A world-class education should be available to everyone – regardless of background, gender, or ethnicity. That’s why Holberton’s college alternative program is offering students multiple ways to finance their tuition. Graduates have gone to work as software engineers at top employers, including Apple, MercadoLibre, Pinterest, Google, Rappi, and LinkedIn. Holberton School trains software engineers in both practical knowledge and theory by utilizing project-based and peer learning. Co-founded in Silicon Valley by Julien Barbier, Holberton School will have 30 campuses all over the world. Go to www.holbertonschool.com to learn more.

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