BodyGuardz® Announces Partnership with Top Polymer Enterprise

Partnering for Sustainability in Both Materials and Processes

LEHI, Utah, Oct. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today BGZ Brands, and a leader in mobile device protection, announced a partnership with Top Polymer Enterprise. Designed to address the growing need to lower one’s environmental footprint, this partnership enables a more seamless transition towards greater sustainability in production, materials, and processes.

BGZ brands announced a heightened focus on sustainability in recent years, highlighting its aggressive goals to minimize waste in both production and the end of lifecycle for technological products. To do so requires an alignment with brands like Top Polymer Enterprise, which uphold the same values and objectives.

"Top Polymer has been key in helping us achieve our sustainability goals. Through their depth of knowledge and support with bio-content and PCR thermoplastic elastomeric (TPE) materials, we have been able to quickly identify solutions that meet the high standards we have for BodyGuardz products," said Ladd Gillman, BGZ Brands Product Manager. “Their partnership is vital to our success as we push to explore new and impactful ways to be more sustainable."

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Top Polymer Enterprise recognizes that many designers and producers of consumer products, like BGZ brands, face significant challenges in providing a reasonable transition to bio-content and PCR-containing materials that support end-use sustainability goals.

“Top Polymer realized that the development of bio-content and PCR-containing thermoplastic elastomeric (TPE) materials demanded a laser-focus on both the end-use, as well as the processing/assembly requirements needed to get to market,” says Joe Kutka, Top Polymer Enterprise Sales Manager, the Americas. “You have to consider these in unison.”

Top Polymer Enterprise provides elastomeric materials usable in both standalone and overmold applications, which can be achieved on materials such as Tritan™, TPU, and more. BGZ brands reinvented its approach to great technology protection by sourcing materials like TPU, marine bioplastics, and more for an innovative approach to sustainability.

Through the dynamic partnership between BGZ brands and Top Polymer Enterprise, customers can expect protection for now while protecting our planet for years to come.

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