ScalePad Releases Data-Driven Insights & Benchmarking for IT Service Providers

New functionality gives service providers the ability to benchmark the digital maturity of client infrastructures to mitigate risk and identify opportunities

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  ScalePad announces expansion of its platform, enabling IT service providers (partners) and their clients to achieve better technology outcomes. The new release combines data-driven insights about clients' environments with a benchmarking index score. Partners can measure and monitor their clients' digital maturity to expose risk and identify service improvement opportunities. 

"Service providers have been doing quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with their clients for the last decade and a half. There are just too many manual steps, and achieving objectives has become the exception rather than the rule. To put it bluntly, QBRs aren't delivering the results partners' clients need: change," stated Dan Wensley, chief executive officer, ScalePad. "We're giving partners the keys to getting their clients to open the vault and take charge of their IT."

The latest release of ScalePad's platform provides three key new functions: the Digital Maturity IndexTM (DMITM) for measuring, monitoring and benchmarking performance, the Insights framework, and the Initiatives presentation layer.

"Nobody in the industry has as much real-time data available as we do — over 55 million hardware and software assets — so we wanted to do something powerful with this data to help our partners," said ScalePad Chief Technology Officer Jean-François René. "Benchmarking with the DMITM is where we started."

The Digital Maturity IndexTM is ScalePad's proprietary benchmark which leverages big data, IT service provider industry best practices, and both asset and lifecycle information to enable instantaneous scoring of complex infrastructure. A single, easy-to-communicate DMITM score promotes data-led decisions to improve clients' technology. 

"DMITM strips out complexity and distills the situation down to just one number. It is like a credit score for technology," stated ScalePad Chief Experience Officer Luis Giraldo.

Insights is a compliance framework that analyzes hardware and software assets in real-time, identifying at-risk hardware assets such as servers and workstations that are aging or outside of warranty support. Insights feed the DMITM to provide a summary of each clients' environment.

Initiatives is a presentation layer based on data from ScalePad's Insights that enables instant communication of proposals to get client approval for incremental, budget-friendly infrastructure improvements rather than combining them into complex QBR-driven projects. Rapid adoption of recommendations improves overall technology and the client experience.

"With this new functionality, ScalePad partners can accelerate the QBR process they have with their clients. We can now provide our partners real-time insights into the health of their clients' infrastructures, streamlined into a single platform, and provided on-demand," said Wensley. "Our partners tell us clients have a hard time saying yes…and we fix that. Two clicks, 30 seconds. Meaningful insights that our partners can use to take action, right from inside our platform, and ultimately deliver meaningful results."

The Digital Maturity IndexTM, Insights, and Initiatives are now available on all ScalePad plans at including Free and Pro editions. Some aspects of Initiatives are only available for partners on the Pro plan.

About ScalePad 

ScalePad equips IT service providers with data-driven insights to create a better technology experience for their clients. Through ScalePad's platform, partners can measure and monitor their clients' digital maturity to expose risk and identify service improvement opportunities. Automated risk reports, real-time asset status, and extended warranty services are all in-platform, streamlining client buy-in and accelerating the adoption of key initiatives. 

ScalePad is trusted by over 9,000 partners in 76 countries and 60% of the MSP 501 to maximize their profitability, improve productivity, and provide a better IT experience for their clients. 

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