New Study Shows More than Half of Working Moms Who Left the Workforce Have No Plans on Coming Back Soon – Employers Need to Know How to Fix That

Survey Findings from New Moms’ Healthy Returns Reveals Opportunities to Improve Reentry

McHenry, IL, Oct. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As businesses across the country continue to struggle to fill open positions, a recent survey found that 52 percent of working moms who left the workforce during the Covid-19 pandemic have no plans to return before next year. The study, conducted in September 2021 for New Moms' Healthy Returns by Medela and Mamava – the partners behind the program –  surveyed more than 3,100 moms to understand why they left the workforce and what it may require to motivate them to return.

“Balancing work responsibilities with families has never been easy, but the strain of the recent year and a half forced parents to make hard decisions,” explains Dana Kirwin, director of employer groups for USA at Medela. “Employers need to reconsider work culture and working families who need more than what was offered pre-COVID. Supporting working parents benefits retention. Of the moms we surveyed who are reluctant to return, 75 percent are concerned about balancing work and family.”

More than 3,100 moms who work shared what motivated them to leave and why they are hesitant to return. Results from the survey indicate that one in three who are not returning to work have made that decision because they don’t feel adequately supported by their employer to care for their families. Additionally, 19 percent of those surveyed don’t feel like an employer would support their needs in balancing family and work responsibilities, with another 13 percent sharing that they don’t feel an employer will support their personal goals to start or grow a family.

Insights from the study can help employers consider steps to help retain and attract employees with families. Of study respondents who stayed in their jobs through the pandemic, having employer support was key. Two out of three moms surveyed reported that they felt supported by their employer, with most sharing a few key benefits that made the most difference:

  • Work from home policies
  • Flexibility in the form of modified schedules, flexible hours, or the ability to take time off as needed
  • A general culture of support for family responsibilities, including taking time off to care for family/children

New Moms' Healthy Returns was established to help parents and employers with the transition back to work after a new baby. Medela and Mamava have published white papers on how parental support and lactation accommodation policies can help foster an inclusive workplace culture, and positively impact a company's bottom line. The white papers can be downloaded for free at:

For more information, visit to view the data infographic highlighting key survey findings.


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