Solodev Now Offers Managed Blockchain for Cardano and Ethereum for Building High Utility Blockchain and Crypto Applications in the Cloud

Solodev Cloud now supports two of the world's leading blockchain technologies, enabling developers and organizations to build custom blockchain apps and accept crypto payments through their Solodev Marketplace storefronts – powered by AWS.

Orlando, Florida, UNITED STATES

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Solodev, the launchpad for building and deploying custom cloud experiences, announced today that it now supports Cardano and Ethereum – two of the world’s leading public blockchains – in its Solodev Cloud. Both platforms will enable developers and organizations to build applications that integrate with their existing stack of Solodev services and create new apps that utilize the managed blockchains for a wide range of uses.

In addition to these capabilities, Solodev Cloud customers with a Marketplace storefront will also be able to accept crypto payments for their cloud applications via Cardano Ada or Ethereum Ether (ETH), providing an entirely new option for e-Commerce transactions. Crypto payments will now join Solodev’s existing bench of commerce providers, which include (a Visa solution), Recurly, Paypal, Stripe, and Square.

Cryptocurrency is experiencing astronomical growth, with Forbes estimating its current market cap at over $1 trillion. As the field continues to disrupt traditional financial models, many companies are investing heavily in blockchain and crypto – anticipating its longevity as a trusted, regulated digital currency. However, many crypto strategies fail due to a lack of market utility. For crypto to be successful, users need to integrate blockchain technologies into their applications and demonstrate value on a foundational level.

To overcome these challenges, Solodev now offers managed blockchain solutions inside a complete ecosystem for building custom cloud apps. With Cardano and Ethereum, developers will have access to the most flexible blockchain technologies for building a range of solutions with real market utility, including multi-asset ledgers, verifiable smart contracts, rewards programs, payment processing solutions, chain of origin transparency, and more. Developers will also be able to launch DeFi (decentralized finance) blockchain applications in the Solodev Cloud, including crypto and NFT (non-fungible token) exchanges.

Solodev makes the Cardano and Ethereum app development process simpler, faster, and more secure by eliminating the setup of blockchain services – and deploying on AWS. Solodev Cloud will provide a one-stop shop for integrating blockchain solutions and launching apps that can be securely scaled on the world’s leading public cloud provider.

“Blockchain and crytpo are no longer intangible concepts. They represent the next wave of digital transformation, and the change will be felt across every industry,” said Matt Garrepy, Chief Digital Officer at Solodev. “By offering Cardano and Ethereum, we’re giving our customers the tools to successfully build with blockchain, accept crypto payments at scale – and own the future.”

While Ethereum is the #2 blockchain behind Bitcoin, Cardano has experienced significant gains since its release in 2017 and is now considered one of the top platforms for growth potential. Unlike Bitcoin’s stored value model, Cardano provides greater security and scalability through its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol, allowing its algorithm to validate transactions and create blocks with less compute power – rendering their blockchain more “eco-friendly” and allowing transactions to be validated faster and cheaper. Cardano also provides a more affordable alternative to other leading blockchains, with significantly lower costs.

“We live in an internet world, and crypto is the new currency of that world,” said Shawn Moore, Chief Technology Officer at Solodev. “With Cardano and Ethereum now available in the Solodev Cloud, not only can our users transact with crypto payments, but they can build custom apps that truly leverage blockchain to its fullest potential. We’re helping our customers unlock real utility from these technologies by providing an end-to-end ecosystem of value.”

Solodev’s roadmap for blockchain and crypto begins with the introduction of Cardano and Ethereum but will feature additional blockchain platforms in the coming months. They will also offer a range of “concept to coin” services for launching custom token strategies, including generating and minting coins, connecting bank accounts, distributing keys, consulting with users on their pre-sale and initial token offerings (ITO), and more.

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