Barrows Hotels is looking for acquisitions in Asia and Africa

Barrows, the provider of hotel investments and advisory services to hotels in the Middle East, wants to expand in Asia and Russia; Barrows recently started offering asset based lending to the hotel industry to meet the demand for cash flow freedom; Barrows is in the market for over 10 years now and wants to significantly expand its services within the industry.

LONDON, Nov. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Barrows Hotel Enterprises internationally manages more than 10,000 hotel rooms in more than 10 countries. The company started in 2008 as a real estate investor in the residential market in Dubai. Since 2012, Barrows has changed its strategy and the company is fully focused on the fast-growing hotel industry in the Middle East. Barrows' ambition for the coming years is loud and clear. The company wants to expand its range of services in view of the rapidly growing tourism industry. In addition, Barrows aims for international expansion in growth markets such as Asia, Africa and Russia.

In this context, an office was recently opened in Singapore. With its headquarters in Dubai, the company has a solid market share. The company has been growing strongly in Asian countries since the Covid19 pandemic. Barrows is a well-known gateway for the international hotel industry, acting as a real estate developer, investor and management advisory. Besides the hotel chains, Barrows has the most connections with institutional investors, but also counts family offices and high net worth individuals among its clientele.

By acquiring, Barrows Hotels is expanding its service offerings with various products in various Asian and African countries. With the acquisition, the company wants to grow into an important supplier in the international hotel industry in these regions.

Barrows Chairman Erwin Jager explains that the company will open offices in Johannesburg, Accra and Zhengzhou in the coming 2 months. Acquisitions of existing parties will quickly give Barrows enough scale to offer hotels a wide range of services. In addition to Asia and Africa, the Hotel specialist wants to expand in growth markets such as Russia from 2024. "In the meantime, we will continue to look at opportunities for acquisitions and collaborations. Barrows Hotels focuses on adding new markets and services to serve customers in the best possible way."

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