Global Personal Protective Equipment M&As Analysis Report 2021

Dublin, Nov. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Global M&As in Personal Protective Equipment Growth Opportunities" report has been added to's offering.

The report is broken down into manufacturers' acquisitions, distributors' acquisitions, and private equity firms' acquisitions. Along with the analysis of the acquisitions, separate case studies have been provided for a few major companies.

Achieving international footprints has been one of the driving growth factors of M&A activities in recent years. For example, MSA Safety acquired Bristol Uniforms to enhance its footprint in Europe and complement its existing portfolio of protective clothing from the acquisition of Globe Manufacturing in 2017. Similarly, Uvex Safety acquired majority stakes in HexArmor in 2021 to boost its presence in North America.

End-user preference to procure all their PPE needs from one supplier has propelled the PPE manufacturers to go for portfolio-widening acquisitions, and become one-stop shops for consumers. For example, PIP's acquisition of Paramount Safety in 2021 enhanced its product portfolio in the Oceania region and made it a complete head-to-toe supplier of PPE.

In the competitive PPE industry, product differentiation is often regarded as the distinguishing factor for mergers & acquisitions. For example, Delta Plus' acquisition of ERB Safety in 2020 not only enhanced its product portfolio but also gave it the edge in product differentiation due to women-specific PPE.

Larger PPE distributors became actively engaged in mergers & acquisitions and achieved vertical integration by enhancing manufacturing capabilities. For example, Bunzl acquired MCR Safety, Body Guard workwear, and Liberty Glove & Safety between 2019 to 2021 to enhance its manufacturing capabilities in North America.

PPE manufacturers are keen to acquire companies & brands to enhance their existing portfolios. For example, Rocky Brands consolidated its protective footwear portfolio & market share by acquiring Original Muck Boot Company, XTRATUF, Servus, NEOS, and Ranger brands from Honeywell in 2021. Similarly, SureWerx enhanced its existing presence in welding protection helmets by acquiring Jackson Safety and Wilson brands from Kimberly Clark Professional (KCP) in 2018.

Regulatory norms are becoming stringent due to rising hazards in industries and this is expected to be one of the critical reasons why manufacturers look out for acquisitions for product development & safety offering improvement.

COVID-19 pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities of the highly fragmented distribution system. Distributors with weak ERP systems, inefficient implementation of digital channel, and non-tech-savvy set-ups suffered and this provided the opportunity for larger distributors to acquire them and increase their reach.

Major consolidations in the PPE distribution channel include Descours & Cabaud (MRO) acquisition of Van Ommeren in the Netherlands, Sintimex in Portugal & Nolle Nordhorn Germany in 2020. Similarly, Rubix (MRO) acquired Lerbs Gruppe to establish its foothold in Germany.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Strategic Imperatives

  • Why Is It Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
  • The Strategic Imperative
  • The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Industry
  • Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine

2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Industry Overview

  • Personal Protection Equipment Market Introduction
  • Research Scope
  • Growth Drivers for M&As in the PPE Industry
  • Growth Restraints for M&As in the PPE Industry
  • Merger & Acquisition Process
  • Key M&A Trends in PPE

3. Growth Opportunity Analysis, Outlook for Merger and Acquisition (M&A) in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Industry

  • Key Takeaways, M&A Analysis in PPE Market

4. Notable Transactions in Manufacturers

  • Manufacturers' Transaction Summary
  • Notable Manufacturer Transactions

5. Notable Transactions in Distributors

  • Distributors' Transaction Summary
  • Notable Distributor Transactions

6. Notable Transactions of Private Equity Firms

  • Private Equity Firms' Transaction Summary
  • Notable Private Equity Firm Transactions

7. Profiles of Notable Transactions - Case Study 1: Bunzl

  • Bunzl's Mergers & Acquisitions in the PPE Industry, 2017-2021
  • Prominent Mergers & Acquisitions of Bunzl
  • Bunzl's Total Acquisition Spend
  • Bunzl's Merger & Acquisition Analysis

8. Case Study 2: Delta Plus

  • Delta Plus's Mergers & Acquisitions in the PPE Industry, 2017-2021
  • Prominent Mergers & Acquisitions of Delta Plus
  • Delta Plus's Merger & Acquisition Analysis

9. Case Study 3: Halma

  • Halma's Mergers & Acquisitions in the PPE Industry
  • Halma's Merger & Acquisition Analysis

10. Case Study 4: MSA Safety

  • MSA Safety's Mergers & Acquisitions in the PPE Industry
  • MSA Safety's Merger & Acquisition Analysis

11. Case Study 5: Protective Industrial Products (PIP)

  • Protective Industrial Products (PIP) Acquisitions in the PPE industry, 2017-2021
  • Private Equity Firm Ownership of PIP
  • Prominent Mergers & Acquisitions of PIP in the PPE industry
  • Protective Industrial Products (PIP's) Merger & Acquisition Analysis

12. Case Study 6: Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Company

  • Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Company's Mergers & Acquisitions in the PPE Industry
  • Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Company's Merger & Acquisition Analysis

13. Case Study 7: SureWerx

  • SureWerx's Mergers & Acquisitions in the PPE Industry
  • SureWerx's Merger & Acquisition Analysis

14. Growth Opportunity Universe, M&As in the PPE Industry

  • Growth Opportunity 1 - Opportunity for Private Equity Firm to Gear Up on Acquisitions in the Lucrative PPE Industry
  • Growth Opportunity 2 - Healthcare PPE Acquisitions to Help Manufacturers/Distributors to Stay Afloat in the Competitive Market
  • Growth Opportunity 3 - Increased Focus on Connectivity and Remote Monitoring Technology to Compel the Need for Acquisitions

Companies Mentioned

  • Body Guard Workwear
  • Bristol Uniforms
  • Bunzl
  • CR Safety
  • Delta Plus
  • Descours & Cabaud
  • ERB Safety
  • Globe Manufacturing
  • Halma
  • HexArmor
  • Honeywell
  • Jackson Safety
  • Kimberly Clark Professional (KCP)
  • Lerbs Gruppe
  • Liberty Glove & Safety
  • MSA Safety
  • NEOS
  • Nolle Nordhorn
  • Original Muck Boot Company
  • Paramount Safety
  • Protective Industrial Products (PIP)
  • Ranger
  • Rocky Brands
  • Rubix (MRO)
  • Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Company
  • Servus
  • Sintimex
  • SureWerx
  • Uvex Safety
  • Van Ommeren
  • Wilson

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