Amfeltec Releases Family of MiniPCIe Adapters to Enhance Their Squid PCIe Carrier Boards

MARKHAM, Ontario, Nov. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amfeltec Corporation announced today its new MiniPCIe Adapter product family is in full production. For many customers, this is an invaluable complement to Amfeltec’s popular Squid Carrier Board(TM) product line.

Squid Carrier Boards can expand a single PCIe slot to six or eight MiniPCIe slots – in combination with our new adapters, you can now leverage these carrier boards to mix & match your M.2 and MiniPCIe modules as needed. This combination gives you unparalleled flexibility for creating a multi-channel system with a variety of M.2 and/or MiniPCIe modules on the same carrier board.

Since 2015, PCIe M.2 modules have been gaining in popularity and even began replacing MiniPCIe modules. Unlike MiniPCIe modules, however, which have only one standard upstream host connector (its pinout & form-factor), M.2 modules can have different pinouts and form-factors; these are defined by host connector key position (e.g.: A-/E-/B-/M-key). These various form factors of M.2 host connectors were designed to support a multitude of modern interfaces & technologies (e.g.: Wi-Fi, NFC, WWAN, SSD), and to be exclusive to them; in part, this also prevents the user error of placing an incompatible M.2 module into a given system.

“Multi-channel applications require a carrier board that can support a combination of modules; for example, multiple M.2 and/or MiniPCIe,” says Michael Feldman, President and CTO of Amfeltec, “At the same time, the variety of M.2 modules and all the possible combinations in multi-channel systems require that carrier board to be flexible when it comes to module support. To solve this problem, we created this family of MiniPCIe to M.2 Adapters. While each of them can be used in a standalone fashion, out-of-the-box, they also very well complement our popular Squid PCIe Carrier Boards for MiniPCIe modules.”

The new adapter family includes:

  • SKU-089-10 MiniPCIe to M.2 (A, E-keys) Adapter

(PCIe (slot 1) & USB 2.0 interfaces)

  • SKU-089-11 MiniPCIe to M.2 (A, E-key) Adapter

(PCIe (slot 2) & USB 2.0 interfaces)

  • SKU-089-12 MiniPCIe to M.2 (B-key) Adapter
                        (PCIe, SIM and USB 2.0 interfaces)
  • SKU-089-15 MiniPCIe to M.2 (B-key) Adapter
                         (USB 3.0, SIM and USB 2.0 interfaces)
  • SKU-089-14 MiniPCIe to Type-A USB 3.x Adapter
                         (USB 3.x and USB 2.0 interfaces)  
  • SKU-089-13 MiniPCIe 4 to 1 RF Splitter/Combiner   

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About Amfeltec Corporation:
Amfeltec is a Canadian electronics engineering company, incorporated since 2005. All Amfeltec products are designed and manufactured in Canada, and most are covered by one or more United States patents. Notable Amfeltec product families include Squid Carrier Board(TM), Piranha USB telecom Adapter(TM), Arowana PCIe SSD Board(TM), and AngelShark Carrier Board(TM).

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