Clear Ballot Technology Supports Successful, Transparent Elections in Six States

Clear Ballot’s ClearVote voting system was successfully used for 2021 elections in Colorado, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington

Boston, MA, Nov. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Following the November 2nd election, states and counties that partnered with Clear Ballot Group for their voting solutions delivered transparent results quickly. With increasing scrutiny on jurisdictions to tabulate and produce accurate results with confidence, Clear Ballot worked with county officials to provide voters with results they can trust. The federally-certified ClearVote system, a voting and tabulation product, is used in Colorado, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

As the industry leader in vote-by-mail tabulation, Clear Ballot is the primary voting solution in Oregon and Washington, states that led the country in adopting a 100 percent vote-by-mail system. As additional states seek to increase the accessibility of absentee voting, Clear Ballot is poised to meet the needs of its customers and build off its growth in 2020, when the company increased its customer base by 40% nationwide.

Clear Ballot has continued to expand in several states including New York, where the company increased its customer base by share of registered voters from 22% in 2019 to 85% in 2021, including serving all five boroughs of New York City as an audit solution.

“After the 2020 Presidential Election we knew we had to do something with the massive increase in absentee ballots.  We made the decision to use Clear Ballot to tabulate our absentee ballots and verify our election results for 2021, and we are very happy with that choice,” said Robert Drumm and Kim Tranter, Commissioners of the Herkimer County Board of Elections. “ClearCount enabled us to tabulate our results faster and more efficiently.  We are looking forward to continuing to use the system in future years. It’s made our job so much easier.”

“As voters ourselves and partners in the election industry, our entire team at Clear Ballot commends the local election officials across the country who protect our democracy by conducting successful elections in the face of staffing shortages, postal delays, and legislative changes with dedication and integrity,” said Clear Ballot CEO Bob Hoyt. “Our goal is to provide transparent, accurate election results that voters can have confidence in. We are grateful for the trust that election officials place in Clear Ballot and look forward to working with new partners in the coming year to bring the ClearVote system to even more voters.”

The ClearVote solution is currently used by 13 counties in Ohio, representing nearly 600,000 voters.

“Using the ClearVote system, our county was able to tabulate all ballots cast quickly, efficiently, and accurately,” said Brian Sleeth, Director of Elections in Warren County. “At a time where voters are looking for increased transparency, we’re able to provide confidence that our results are accurate and our elections are secure.”

With an increased focus on cybersecurity and auditability, Clear Ballot’s customers benefit from the combination of human-verifiable paper ballots and innovative Vote Visualization technology that takes the industry’s highest quality digital image of each ballot and provides election officials with unparalleled certainty and visibility into the results. These modern systems make Clear Ballot technology the most auditable and transparent option in the industry. Clear Ballot audits are underway statewide in Maryland and South Carolina, as well as in counties across Colorado, Florida, and New York. 

About Clear Ballot:

As the leader in election innovation, Clear Ballot has introduced a new class of tools and a modern approach to voting, enabling unprecedented speed, accuracy, and transparency that officials and the voting public have sought for decades. Clear Ballot entered the election industry with its first product in 2012, disrupting the industry with the nation’s first independent, automated audit, and four years later developed a complete voting system which is now the fastest growing voting system in the industry. Clear Ballot’s commitment to ease of use and modern technology means that its browser-based software runs on the most modern operating systems in the industry and will always be up to date. 


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