EDENLUX Launches Campaign for Otus, the Personal EYE-Trainer

Otus is a home eye care smart device one can use to manage eyesight with ease and convenience.

CYPRESS, Calif., Nov. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Otus, created by EDENLUX, has launched a campaign through Indiegogo. Otus is a personal eye-trainer that is made for the purpose of training the eyes. The device uses training called Vision Therapy to relieve the stress of the eyes.

Vision Therapy is an exercise that repeats the contraction and relaxation of the eyes' inner muscle. Professionals that are more dependent on their eyes, such as pilots, soldiers, athletes, and others, are using Vision Therapy. Through Vision Therapy, eyes can regain their vitality and provide the user with refreshed condition. However, Vision Therapy is not an easy exercise and is also very costly. An ordinary person will have a difficult time approaching Vision Therapy because of the complicated manual training method and the fact the training must be personally customized for each individual.

Otus is a device that makes Vision Therapy possible for everyone regardless of the situation. Otus makes the manual process of Vision Therapy training automatic and personally customized for each individual. The device does everything from the analyzing, planning and training. Just by wearing the device, it automatically measures the eyes' condition, analyzes the information and finally trains the eyes.

Otus is made easy and approachable for everyone. With just the device and the app, one can analyze and train their eyes to a better condition. The eight special optical lenses embedded in Otus rotate automatically over 60 times in five minutes to make the eyes go through contraction and relaxation. The user can simply put the device on and go through daily tasks and the eye muscle will train automatically to increase and enhance the eyes' strength and health. The Bluetooth-connected app gives one reports about the state of their eyes and the results after the training in a detailed manner. It even has games to make training more enjoyable.

In modern society, our eyes are constantly under pressure and stress because of the way our lifestyle has changed over the centuries. It rapidly fatigues our eyes and applies stress on our eyes. Also, it is now coming to the surface that eye health problems are occurring more frequently among the population because of the media and electronics that are damaging our eyes. Otus is the perfect solution to resolve this problem.

Otus was designed after the recognition of the modern society's rising issue regarding the eye health problem. It has already been launched in Japan's startup media called Makuake, and the results have been very successful. The funding was a huge success, and the feedback from the users were also very positive. To share the results and further introduce this sensational technology, EDENLUX, the company that created Otus, has decided to launch the device in Indiegogo as well.

Otus by Edenlux is not a medical device or designed to treat any medical condition.


Contact: edenlx.kick2@gmail.com

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