This New Lockout-Tagout Management Software Can Save Lives

The company launches its new management software

SAINT-JÉRÔME, Quebec, Nov. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Maerix, a Quebec-based company specializing in management software development for areas such as health, safety, environment and human resources, is proud to officially launch Cadlock, its innovative new software suite for lockout, tagout and energy control.

A known issue
For many years, employers are legally obligated to ensure their staff’s safety when performing work inside a piece of equipment’s danger zone. The most common and efficient way to implement this is the use of lockout procedures, where each employee ensures his or her own safety with a personal padlock that requires a unique key. To this day, vast sums are invested in creating these complex procedures. They are often stored on paper, which causes them to quickly become outdated and inefficient, or even dangerous when used by the staff. As a reference, in Quebec, the CNESST reports on average over 1000 workplace accidents each year, including 4 deaths, due to an unexpected release of energy.

With the development of state-of-the-art technologies, Maerix sweeps away this approach by offering a safer, better alternative.

A call for help from clients
Among other factors, the onset of the pandemic forced many of our clients to overhaul their business model by accelerating the use of digital technology to remain efficient in this new work environment. Maerix, always attentive to its client’s needs, leveraged this opportunity to invest in the development of a new solution that is easy to use and, most of all, affordable, while also ensuring regulatory compliance and a substantial efficiency gain.

“The comments I’ve received from the first clients are unanimous: the Cadlock solution will save lives, make businesses safer and improve their performance” said M. Éric Veilleux, president and founder of Maerix Inc.

A unique technology, entirely designed in Quebec
Maerix’s staff’s skills have enabled the development of functionalities such as real-time production equipment status, QR code hazardous energy identification, multimedia content integration (e.g. video) to enhance understanding of equipment-related risks, and performance indicators to measure production gains.

About Maerix
We are a management software development company geared towards specialists in fields such as health, safety, environment, production and human resources. Over more than 20 years, Maerix was able to secure a prime position in the market at both the national and the international level with its unique and innovative solutions that meet the multiple evolving needs of its 400 clients.

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