Anji's CharityPool Surpasses $150,000 in BNB Within Days of Launch, Ready to Connect Crypto to the Charity Sector

NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Technology is transforming the financial services industry—shifting paradigms and improving the infrastructure on which many of us rely.

From token mechanics to innovative DeFI applications, AnjiEco and the corresponding Anji CharityPool have already begun to revolutionize this space.

About AnjiEco

AnjiEco is a sophisticated protocol merging centralized finance mechanisms with decentralized finance solutions, featuring a cutting-edge rewards system. The network launched its security token ANJI ($ANJI) in November 2021, presenting the world's first smart contracts dividends token.

Touted as the antidote to corporate greed, AnjiEco is shifting the way holders view the financial services industry. It's no secret that major corporations and institutional investors can leave a lasting—oftentimes negative—impact on the world. AnjiEco hopes to counteract this through DeFi, rewarding investors for joining them in the cause.

Enter ANJI, the reward-focused cryptocurrency giving investors rewards on every transaction. The idea is to grant these same investors returns from Anji apps and services—allowing them to reinvest in the ecosystem at a significantly-reduced cost.

Unlike other blockchain ecosystems, the platform sets aside earnings from its economy to give back to charities, with the goal of helping to solve the world's most urgent problems. Funds are allocated to nonprofit organizations on a monthly basis through AnjiPool, which partners with charity tokens within the ecosystem to ensure the funds are used appropriately.

It's simple: Anji CharityPool has already exceeded $150,000 worth of BNB since the ANJI token presale on November 6. The pool grows by 2% with every swap, and then goes toward a nominated charity at the end of the month—all in the name of making the world a better place. BNB, known as the world's most popular utility token, can be used to trade and pay fees on the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange.

For an added layer of transparency, the community—once the governance framework is developed—will have the opportunity to vote on the monthly charity token and their NGO partner. Passively donating to amazing, game-changing causes has never been easier.

ANJI Features

A sophisticated protocol merging CeFi mechanisms with DeFi solutions, AnjiEco is cultivating a growing ecosystem of projects and apps.

Current ANJI features include:

  • Blended preference and equity shareholder opportunities

There's no denying DeFi solutions are powerful. ANJI combines preference and equity shareholding, merging the decentralized aspect of DeFI with established CeFi mechanisms.

In layman's terms? Investors will have access to 33% of AnjiEco proceeds as the system grows—that is, as more projects and tokens begin to use the AnjiEco platform. These proceeds are sourced from AnjiSwap, the ecosystem's elegant, simple, and easy-to-use platform.

It's worth noting that holders with over 100,000 ANJI who use the AnjiSwap router over alternatives like PancakeSwap will have their fees reduced. AnjiRouter is designed to connect investors to liquidity pools, ensuring a seamless exchange process.

New ways to make money are in development. AnjiEco will continue to release new features and services as the network matures.

  • Cutting-edge smart dividends function

The main concept behind the ANJI security token is simple: to deliver blockchains native token (BNB) rewards in real time, so that anyone can profit no matter where they are or when they completed their transaction.

Other BNB rewards may distribute BNB sporadically or only periodically—running the risk of manipulation to the rewards pool, or of granting certain members of the community only minimal rewards rather than the amount they deserve.

ANJI offers a powerful solution to this problem with the world's first-ever smart dividends function, performing real-time calculations to keep the process transparent and equitable.

  • Ability to reinvest and earn 5% more

Investors who want to elevate their position in the ecosystem can use their awards to earn more ANJI—essentially compounding their ANJI holdings by earning an extra 5% over what they would receive through conventional channels.

These same holders can claim these rewards whenever they choose, spending them however they please or even donating them to AnjiPool.

A reminder that the Anji Protocol is rewards-focused above all else, with innovations designed for future products to reward ANJI holders. Ultimately, the AnjiEco team proudly invests in the growth of its network, ensuring everyone involved can benefit the way they deserve.

Join the AnjiEco Revolution

With the ANJI security token pre-sale only recently underway, AnjiEco is quickly being adopted and recognized across the globe.

The masses are quickly catching on. This is a revolution that has already exceeded $150,000 to be used for charity—challenging economic structures of the CeFi world, and creating DeFi investment opportunities where people can share in the wealth in an autonomous, democratic fashion.

The reward-focused cryptocurrency gives investors BNB as rewards on all ANJI transactions, grants them a portion of the returns from all AnjiEco apps and services, and allows these same holders to reinvest in the ecosystem at a heavily-reduced fee. With ANJI at the heart of the ecosystem, the network presents an opportunity investors won't want to miss.

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