Taronis Fuels also provides update regarding restatement process

Peoria, AZ, Nov. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Taronis Fuels, Inc. (“Taronis” or the “Company”) (OTC:TRNF) today announced the resignation of Kevin Foti from his position as President and CEO of the Company, effective December 10, 2021. The Company also announced that Jered Ruyle will succeed Mr. Foti as interim President and CEO.

Mr. Ruyle is widely respected throughout the Taronis Fuels organization and has over 14 years of experience in the packaged gas industry. He has been an Executive Vice President at Taronis Fuels, overseeing the Company’s Southern region of operations since January 2020. Previously, Mr. Ruyle held a number of key positions, including President, within his family’s multi-generational packaged gas business, which was eventually acquired by Taronis Fuels. Mr. Ruyle has industry-specific experience in fill plant operations, management of logistics teams and leadership of sales teams. Mr. Ruyle obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Tyler.

In response to his appointment as interim President and CEO, Mr. Ruyle commented: “I am excited to take on this newly expanded role within Taronis Fuels. With my experience and knowledge of these assets, the continued hard work of all our dedicated employees and continued input from our Board members that have decades of experience in the industrial gas business, I believe we have the opportunity to grow Taronis Fuels into a successful company within the packaged gas sector.”

Commenting on his resignation, Mr. Foti stated: “During my period overseeing Taronis Fuels, I identified Jered as a skilled operator with strong leadership capabilities and have come to believe he is the right person to be the CEO of this Company going forward.”

Taronis Fuels is also announcing that the expected timeframe to complete a full financial restatement and audit of historic financial statements has been extended through calendar year 2022. As part of the audit process, the Company has recently discovered certain deficiencies in data related to its IT system due to poor historic processes and controls. The Company is in the process of addressing these deficiencies with the help of outside consultants, including an IT system audit, to ensure the integrity of historic and future financial data and reporting.

The Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors Tobias Welo commented: “While the Board of Directors is disappointed the timeframe to our expected restatement has been extended into 2022, we continue to believe in the underlying operating assets of Taronis Fuels and the potential to utilize our platform to build a large industrial gas business. In the meantime, the team is working hard to implement proper controls and procedures, file our financial statements, resolve legal obligations, and maximize operating efficiency. Furthermore, I believe Jered has earned the respect of our Board of Directors and all the employees throughout our organization. He is the right person to lead this Company going forward. We expect to provide investors and stakeholders with an update on our progress in early-2022.”

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