Canada’s electricity grid isn’t ready for a net-zero future: report

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A net-zero 2050 will require a lot more clean electricity than is currently produced, and despite having a relatively clean grid today, Canada isn’t yet ready for the needs of tomorrow.

So concludes a new Clean Energy Canada report, Underneath It All, which explores Canada’s myriad clean electricity advantages—and the risk of squandering them.

While the federal government recently announced its aim to make Canada’s currently 83%-emissions-free electricity grid a 100%-net-zero one by 2035, there exists no additional plan—federally or provincially—to roughly double the production of electricity by 2050.

Such a bold expansion will be required as Canada phases out fossil fuel use in favor of electrification: the process of connecting our vehicles, heating systems, industries, and more to the grid.

Clean Energy Canada’s new report offers a number of recommendations, including investing in a national clean electricity system, improving provincial collaboration, and streamlining the approval process for new clean energy projects.

By doing so, the report concludes, Canada can achieve its climate goals while driving job creation and economic competitiveness. As our closest trading partners and many of the world’s largest companies and investors demand cleaner goods, powering industries with clean electricity gives Canadian products a low-carbon advantage.

In short, clean electricity underpins Canada’s road to net zero. But governments must act today to ensure we are ready.


Report | Underneath it all



Keri McNamara
Communications Specialist

Clean Energy Canada ( is a climate and energy think tank housed at the Centre for Dialogue at Simon Fraser University. We work to accelerate our nation’s transition to a clean and renewable energy system.