Serca Financial’s Founder Sergo Rica Offers Unique Mortgage Solutions For People Looking to Purchase or Refinance Their Homes

Orangeville, ON, Dec. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Bank of Canada’s recent indication that interest rates could rise next year might prompt a near-time spike in demand for buying properties, and the Serca Financial Mortgage Group gives aspiring homeowners unique solutions to securing a loan no matter their situation.

Sergo Rica

Based in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and servicing all of Ontario, Serca Financial's Founder, Sergo Rica, launched a comprehensive suite of mortgage products and services such as renovation financing, consolidating debt, mortgage refinancing, renewing or switching mortgages, credit repair, and more. It’s a long list of options that will help buyers if the market heats up short term amid the threat of rising interest rates, but that will also be useful even if it cools down next year should higher rates then actually occur.

The firm’s ever-growing client base includes first-time homebuyers, those new to living in Canada, the self-employed, people looking to purchase properties as an investment option, buyers on the market for a vacation home, and more. What attracts such a comprehensive client base is the expertise that Serca Financial's founder, Sergo Rica, offers and the wide range of programs made available to homebuyers and owners across the board.

Sergo and the team lean on their wealth of contacts in the mortgage lending and banking industries in working around the clock to identify the right solution to get the loan that they need. Having access to many lenders and banks we can offer solutions that might not be available at the branch level of a bank,” Sergo says. “That’s why reaching out to a mortgage broker gets you the most options.”

Helping to realize his clients’ goals of owning property is what drives the team every day in always seeking out the ideal mortgage to suit their needs. “I decided to get into mortgages to help people with their mortgages. It is the biggest purchase of one's life and it can become very stressful and I wanted to help those people to obtain their home stress-free.”

This skillset helps to explain why Sergo has seen his portfolio grow by more than 200 percent since its inception, as would-be homebuyers clamor for the company’s support in making their dreams of owning a property come true, regardless of their personal situations.

Sergo has worked in the mortgage industry since 2014, starting on the banking side until he launched his lending firm in 2020. That background gives him specialized insider knowledge on exactly how to obtain mortgages for his clients regardless of their background or financial situation, often at the lowest rates possible.

He adds, “Even people that have had some financial hardship in the past or if they are self-employed are able to obtain a mortgage and the major banks don't usually entertain those clients, but we do. We get them approved and get their homeownership goals to come to life through alternative funding available to us thanks to our network.”

And he points to the firm’s swift growth as proof that his approach is a successful one, noting also that the vast majority of his increasing client list stems from word-of-mouth referrals.

“I've been in the business for many years, but a mortgage agent for just over a year and a half and in that time frame I've grown my portfolio by 200% just through referrals. That shows that people have trusted me and referred me to others for all their mortgage needs,” Sergo says.

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