Shipa’s Ketch – the Open Source Application Delivery Framework – is Named a 2021 DevOps Dozen Finalist for Innovation

The fully open source technology enables teams to deploy and manage Kubernetes applications from their CI pipeline or command-line interface

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shipa, a cloud native application-as-code platform that reduces complexity by empowering an AppOpps model of development, today announced that Ketch, a powerful yet simple Kubernetes application framework, is a 2021 DevOps Dozen Community Awards finalist for Most Innovative DevOps Open Source Project.

The annual DevOps Dozen Community Awards presented by the Techstrong Group – the media company beyond and Container Journal, among other publications and events – honors significant contributions that have made a positive impact with the DevOps community. The award for the Most Innovative DevOps Open Source Project recognizes open source projects that promote innovation and increase efficiency, velocity, and quality, and specifically celebrates those that create a close and supportive open source community.

A fully open source project developed and supported by Shipa, Ketch provides a Kubernetes application framework that makes it quick and easy for DevOps and developer teams to deploy and manage cloud native applications. Ketch eliminates the need to create Helm charts or manifests, enabling simple application deployment and management from a CI pipeline or simple command-line interface (CLI). By doing so, Ketch vastly improves both the developer experience and application delivery speed, allowing developers to focus on code instead of YAML files. Ketch supports any on-prem or managed Kubernetes cluster. It also provides powerful multitenancy controls, introducing a Framework concept that allows DevOps teams to isolate workloads to teams and set appropriate application limits. Post-deployment, Ketch offers an application context view for managing key features, such as scalability, across the full application lifecycle.

“The tremendous power of open source is on full display with Ketch, which has quickly evolved into the robust solution it is today as a direct result of community interest and support,” said Bruno Andrade, CEO, Shipa. “We’re honored by this industry recognition of Ketch’s innovation and excited for more DevOps teams and developers to learn about all that Ketch has to offer.”

About Shipa

Shipa delivers a unique cloud-native application-as-code platform. Using Shipa, organizations speed up application deployment, management, and security by detaching the application layer from the underlying infrastructure. By providing a consistent application definition, developers have a standard experience for working with applications across any infrastructure, and DevOps can evolve infrastructure without any impact on developer activities. Shipa is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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