Vendia Reports 900% YoY Revenue Growth, Extends World’s First Serverless Web3 Platform with Smart Contracts, No-Code GUI, and Cross-Cloud Support

Customers like BMW and ARC use Vendia for real-time data replication across clouds and a single-source-of-truth, all in a developer-friendly serverless distributed ledger platform

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

San Francisco, CA, Dec. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vendia today announced 900% YoY revenue growth, a new pay-as-you-go self-service pricing plan, and the beta launch of Azure support in Vendia Share, the world's first serverless platform for Web3 applications. With this release, Vendia expands enterprise-grade capabilities to more developers and more users, across more clouds. As a result, the company is seeing a network effect of rapid growth among digital businesses that require data immutability and governance across partners and clouds. 

Digital leaders, including Airlines Reporting Corp, BMW, and United Natural Foods, Inc, use Vendia to create mission-critical, real-time data applications that share critical information across departments, companies, and clouds – securely and at scale. Production use cases include settlement, supply chain, and other multi-party workflows where a single source of truth must be safely shared across companies. 

In this release, Vendia builds on its enterprise-grade platform for building data-driven, cross-cloud, and multi-party apps by adding capabilities that empower an even broader set of developers:

  • Empower Developers with Smart Contracts: Vendia Share introduces the ability to easily create, audit, and manage Smart Contracts that can be written in any language. Smart Contracts on Vendia enable developers to build fully-managed workflows that can be triggered when data changes across partners, clouds, and regions without having to build or run the eventing infrastructure themselves. For example, in an airline reservation system, a smart contract may ensure that multi-leg flights preserve a minimum gate-transfer time in between flight reservations. The latest release of Vendia Share allows developers to create and manage Smart Contracts through a full, continuously audited lifecycle, including the ability to allow partners to view and modify Smart Contract metadata with fine-grained access controls.
  • Preserve Data Integrity with User-level Transactions and Dirty Read Avoidance: The allure of blockchains, especially to enterprises with cross-company data sharing requirements, is the trust and immutability of the data. However, the scaling challenges and high costs of blockchains makes it an untenable solution for most companies, and prior to Vendia, blockchains lacked critical features of conventional databases, such as avoiding partial (“dirty”) reads. Vendia’s ground-breaking design delivers all the benefits of a blockchain and distributed ledger and all the tried and trusted semantics of a classic enterprise-grade database, with cloud-native scale and efficiency. With User-Level Transactions, users can now group multiple updates, on multiple data values, with ACID semantics on a single transaction. Vendia Share guarantees that all updates are processed serially and in order, preserving accuracy – at a far lower cost than conventional blockchain offerings.
  • Enable More Users with a new “No Code” Entity Explorer: In this release Vendia added a new User Interface (UI) that enables non-developers to create and manage real-time data applications in the Vendia platform. A simple workflow guides users through the steps to quickly create a new application. The new UI also includes an Entity Explorer view allowing anyone to read from and write to an application without crafting GraphQL queries or mutations or possessing specialized skills.
  • Connect More Partners with the Beta Launch of Vendia Share for Azure: In addition to Amazon Web Services, Vendia Share now also runs on Azure, making it easy for Azure-based teams to create data sharing applications, and for AWS-based organizations to add partners or departments who run on Azure. 
  • New Individual Plan, including All New Features: Vendia Share is available as a SaaS offering, with pricing that scales from single users through multi-company, enterprise subscriptions. All subscriptions include the new capabilities listed above, including the new beta Azure support. Share is available in three plans: free trial, individual, and enterprise. For more information see pricing here.      


Tim Wagner, CEO and co-founder of Vendia

“We always envisioned Vendia Share as a platform for any developer to build decentralized data applications that scale easily. We initially focused on enterprises, giving them a low code way to tackle the most sophisticated data sharing patterns across multiple departments, companies, and clouds. Today’s release includes new capabilities and individual pay-as-you-go pricing, making Vendia Share accessible to more developers and more users, across more clouds.”  

Felicia Thomas, Sr. Director of Data Services at United Natural Foods, Inc.

“Much of the data that businesses rely on today lives outside their four walls – and the spread of that critical data across partners and their technology stacks is accelerating. Traditional approaches fail to safely and easily connect multiple parties to the data they need in real-time, at scale, across clouds.”

Issam Ouchen, Principal Technology Consultant at Slalom

“Many enterprises are plagued by batch processing and point-to-point data transfers as they try to modernize their data sharing. They look to blockchain platforms and distributed ledgers, but most of those platforms require large investments in time and money to set up and run a basic multi-party network. Our customers want the ability to do high throughput transaction processing at scale, and the ability to natively integrate with cloud services that they already use so their existing workforce could use the same technologies and tooling they already knew. Vendia helps combine the data immutability and trust of blockchains with the scale and ease of serverless, regardless of what clouds our customers use.”

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Vendia is the real-time data cloud for rapidly building applications that securely share data across departments, companies, clouds, and regions. Vendia helps organizations quickly connect users and partners so they can view, update, and share real-time data while ensuring enterprise-grade scale, consensus, control, and governance. Enterprises rely on Vendia for data integration, financial settlement, ML training, transaction processing, supply chain solutions, and more. Vendia was founded by Dr. Tim Wagner, formerly General Manager and creator of AWS Lambda at AWS, and Shruthi Rao, formerly Head of Business Development for Blockchain at AWS. The company is based in San Francisco and has raised $20.6M in funding led by Canvas Ventures, Neotribe Ventures, BMW i Ventures, Sorenson Ventures, and other leading investors. To learn more about Vendia visit


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