Doroni Aerospace Announces Doroni H1 Showroom Model, Digital Twin, and Full-Scale Propulsion System to Investors

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., Dec. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Doroni Aerospace, Inc. earlier this week announced the development of its showroom model, digital twin, and full-scale propulsion system to investors as part of a webinar Q&A session on the crowdfunding platform, StartEngine.

The Doroni H1 is the go-to-market aircraft that can carry up to two passengers, boasts a striking futuristic aesthetic, and whose intellectual property is protected by two pending patents on design and aerodynamics. Doroni anticipates generating revenue across a range of operations when the H1 launches in 2024, including EMS, law enforcement, and the military. 

The announced full-scale showroom display model will allow for direct engagement with the H1. In 4-6 months, users will be able to physically sit in the H1, use controls, and experience the cockpit interior. The H1 showroom model will be used for exposure at trade shows, events, and share the exterior design and physique of the aircraft with the public. 

The H1’s digital twin is the company’s next targeted milestone, and represents an exact digital copy of the H1. The digital twin will allow Doroni to simulate all of the aircraft’s processes, such as aerodynamics and stress-engineering, to drastically reduce the time and cost of development, and eliminate the need for various prototypes. 

Since 2016, Doroni Aerospace has been developing a state-of-the-art platform that is markedly different from the majority of eVTOLs coming to market. Doroni is anticipating that the future of sustainable urban transportation will be much more personal and accessible compared to air taxis. 

With a starting price of $135K and the ability to park and charge in a two-car garage with only a driver’s license and a 15-hour training course to get started—thanks to the H1’s Light-Sport Aircraft FAA certification—Doroni believes their H1 will become a ubiquitous part of personal mobility in the future. That thinking is in part thanks to the H1’s intuitive, easy-to-use aircraft control system that helps simplify the inherent complexities of flight, making it significantly more user-friendly than competitors.

Doroni placed second at the Florida Aerospace 2021 Forum and garnered the support of government agency Space Florida to help bring production to scale, and has raised over $300K to date from investors on StartEngine.

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Doroni H1 above clouds