Wuanap Is the First Smart Life Collar That Prevents Drowning

This collar inflates automatically when the user is unconscious while practicing any water sport.

MADRID, Dec. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wuanap by Anneo Technologies is a comfortable neoprene life-saving collar with a motherboard equipped with state-of-the-art sensors. Coordinated by a complex algorithm, it detects a person's patterns in the water in dangerous situations and inflates automatically in a fraction of a second. This flotation device has been designed to ensure that it always keeps the wearer's nose and mouth above the surface of the water, even if the wearer is unconscious or unable to move.

Main Product Features:

Wuanap consists of four main parts.

  • External neoprene
  • Patented Smart Life-collar technology - Inflatable
  • Automatic complex inflation system
  • External neoprene

It is divided into two parts, where the closer one to the neck is very flexible so it will adapt to everyone's neck and the farther one contains the inflatable and the electronics. Inside the closer one, which stays in contact with the neck, is an added extra soft and no-grip material. This makes the entire device extremely comfortable for the user.

Smart life collar technology

A motherboard equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and a rechargeable battery has been integrated inside a little box located in the back part of Wuanap. This connects through cables to the display in the front and the barometer sensor.

The special inflatable

The inflatable is made of a material that is very flexible and consistent so when it is not inflated, it does not require much space. In case Wuanap detects a problem and the alarm is not canceled, it will inflate, and the form ensures that it always keeps the wearer's nose and mouth above the surface of the water, even if the wearer is unconscious or unable to move.

The automatic inflation system

The inflating system is a new technology implanted to inflate anything, so they have added it to the Smart Life-collar technology, so the moment Wuanap sends the signal from the motherboard to the inflation system, the inflatable will inflate in less than a second.

7 critical situations that will cause Wuanap to inflate:

1. Unconsciousness

2. Immobility

3. Panic attacks

4. Seizures

5. Breath-holding test

6. Panic button

7. Screaming underwater

Which water sports is supported for Wuanap use?

The only sport that has been ruled out is scuba diving. Wuanap is suitable for surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, free diving, spearfishing without air tanks, all kinds of swimming, sailing, triathlons, platform, and cliff diving, kayaking, jet-skiing, snorkeling, caving, rowing, rescue missions, and lifeguarding.

Currently, Wuanap is available for preorder on Indiegogo, starting from a price of €159 EUR (46% off). The actual retail price of the product is €299 EUR.

About the team

Founder Bio:
Ignacio Cuesta - expert in marketing and sales who's been working in different international companies like Coca-Cola. Being an avid surfer and engineer, he came up with the idea of this smart collar to make the process of handling in-water emergencies easier.

Company Bio:
Anneo Technologies: Led by José Ángel Jiménez, the creator of the Wuanap Algorithm behind every Wuanap.

Prototip0: The company specializes in making products from an idea led by José Manuel Grases. They are the ones who made all the hardware and physical parts of Wuanap.

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Email: info@wuanap.com (Ignacio Cuesta) Phone: +34672714477

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