An Airbus A320 Will Be The First Aircraft With New Livery

The Plane Will Be Dedicated To The Italian Champion Paolo Rossi

The New ITA Airways Aircraft Will Bring The Names Of The Great Italian Sportsmen

ROME, Dec. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The first aircraft with the new blue livery of ITA Airways will be an Airbus A320, in the fleet in a few weeks. The plane will bear the name of the great Italian champion Paolo Rossi, World Cup top scorer in Spain, World Champion, Ballon d'Or, a true popular icon and sportsman who has transformed his difficulties into one of the most beautiful stories of Italian sport.

The choice of the name of the champion Paolo Rossi is part of ITA Airways' strategy to name the new aircraft with the greatest Italian sportsmen, ambassadors in the world of professionalism, determination, strength, passion and determination, elements that have always raised the Italian flag.

"Paul loved to travel. For me it is therefore a particular reason for great emotion and pride to see Paolo's name on the blue livery of ITA Airways fly in the skies of the world" – says Federica Cappelletti, wife of Paolo Rossi – "and this makes me understand the love and esteem that Italians have of my husband, who has always put passion and conviction for the blue jersey in his work."

Giovanni Malagò, President of CONI, declares: "I am very happy with the initiative of ITA Airways that has decided to pay homage to the history of Italian sport. It starts with Paolo Rossi but President Altavilla has already anticipated that soon other great champions of the past of all sports will have the honor of seeing a plane of the ITA fleet named after him. On behalf of CONI and the Italian sports movement, I thank Ita Airways for the sensitivity it has had and for which we are proudly grateful."

The new livery of ITA Airways is characterized by the blue color, chosen as a symbol of unity, cohesion and pride of the country and representative of the sport and the Italian national team. On the rudder the tricolor, on the blue background the white and red gold logo of ITA Airways and stylized icons inspired by the national artistic heritage.

One of the fundamental pillars of ITA Airways' business plan is to put the customer at the center of its business. Precisely for this reason, the Company will soon invite fans of its social networks to choose the names of the champions to whom the next aircraft with the new livery will be named.

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