ABC arbitrage: Share ownership evolution with no significant impact


ABC arbitrage
Share ownership evolution with no significant impact

ABC arbitrage (the "Company") has been notified by AUBEPAR INDUSTRIES SE that they have entered into an independent mandate to dispose of 105,418 shares in the Company on the central order book or by off-market trades. This quantity represents approximately 1.2% of AUBEPAR INDUSTRIES SE holding in the Company or approximately 0.2% of the Company's issued shares.  A minimum price of 7.15€ has been set for the mandate, which has been initiated as of December 22nd 2021.   

Subsequent to the disposal, and all other things being equal, AUBEPAR INDUSTRIES SE will own 14.1% of the Company's issued shares.

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EURONEXT Paris - Compartiment B
ISIN : FR0004040608
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