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GLASGOW, Scotland, Jan. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via CryptoCurrencyWire – Since January 2021, FEG (“FEG Token,” “FEGtoken”) has been shaping the future of decentralized finance (DeFi) by unifying the incentives and interests of everyone in the DeFi space. From an investor’s standpoint, SmartDeFi is by far the most secure means of investing in crypto. First, the liquidity for tokens launched is locked for eternity within the token’s smart contract, which means that funding can never be “rugged.” In addition, SmartDeFi introduces a “baseline value,” the first-of-its-kind technology that acts as a virtual gold standard. With each transaction, a small fee is levied and routed to an asset backing pool, which continuously grows with time and can never decrease.

In other words, tokens using the SmartDeFi protocol have an inherent value that will not increase or decrease based on market conditions. The only way to gain access to the value in the asset backing pool is to “burn” tokens. This action effectively destroys the tokens (by sending them to a so-called dead wallet that cannot be recovered) and provides the investor with their share of the total backing. For example, as of Dec. 19, 2021, the ROX token asset backing is valued at 3.5 BNB (or approximately $1,800). In effect, this means that the holder of 1 ROX token forever has access to no less than 3.5 BNB, even if the market price (currently $15,000) should drop to $0.

The SmartDeFi protocol is exciting from a developer’s standpoint. Developers launching a token using the protocol are not required to code. The FEGdeployer application requires developers to enter only basic information for transactions fees, asset backing percentages, etc., and can successfully launch a token in minutes. Developers have the option to import an existing liquidity pool or utilize FEG’s presale functionality. Actions required to launch a presale are equally as simple, giving developers complete control over the number of tokens, maximum buy limits, owner’s share, etc.

Once launched, SmartDeFi tokens are available immediately for trading using the FEGexchange at Because, SmartDeFi tokens hold their own liquidity, projects have the option of integrating a custom application within their website. This provides investors with the ability to complete transactions directly on the project’s website, with no need to interact with any centralized or decentralized exchanges. Finally, because the SmartDeFi protocol launches tokens using a standardized smart contract that varies only concerning the particular tokenomics (i.e., fees, asset backing allocation, etc.), the contract never needs to undergo expensive audits. Investors can know that tokens are inherently safe and secure, simply because they carry the FEG Token’s SmartDeFi badge.

As the rate of cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow, it is increasingly important that measures be taken to protect investors. In addition, existing infrastructure in the crypto space has resulted in token launch processes that are complicated and expensive. FEG Token’s SmartDeFi protocol has revolutionized the way investors and developers interact by providing second-to-none safety, security, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. SmartDeFi protocol will drive further crypto adoption, provide outstanding protection for investors and simultaneously reduce barriers to entry. FEG Token’s SmartDeFi platform will undoubtedly help to change the world.

Further information on FEGtoken:

FEGex is the multi-chain AMM-based DEX of the FEG Token (FEG) decentralized finance (DeFi) project. It currently runs on Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain. The innovative DeFi platform is striving to make the opportunities that the cryptocurrency space provides more accessible to ordinary users.
Among the features it offers, in addition to FEGex, are fWrapping of assets, Smart DeFi functionality for issuing new assets backed by fWrapped assets, and the FEGtrack portfolio tracking tool. The project’s ecosystem is powered by the FEG protocol and governance token.

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