Celebrity Esthetician Nicole Caroline from Nicole Caroline Skin Tells People to Not Wash Their Face

Her viral TikTok has over 3 million people weighing in on the debate.

NEW YORK, Jan. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nicole Caroline, a master esthetician with over 20 years of experience in changing clients' skin for the better, has generated a massive buzz on TikTok with her recent post discouraging her audience from practicing a common morning skincare routine. In the video, Caroline spins around in her swivel chair while simply singing, "Don't wash your face in the morning." Many of Caroline's viewers expressed strong opinions on the subject in the comment section of the video.

When Caroline decided to shoot an eight-second video dissuading her audience from a practice that she tells 90% of her clients to avoid, she had no idea that the reaction she was about to receive was going to be as immense as it turned out to be. With over 3 million views and counting, the now-viral video has stirred up a polarizing debate, with comments ranging  from, "Worst advice in the world," to "This is the best advice I have ever received, it has completely changed my skin."

A veteran skincare guru, Caroline made waves in the news earlier this year after bringing skin icing to the forefront of at-home skincare. In follow-up videos, she explains the reasoning behind her initial advice, showing several "before" and "after" photos of some pretty astounding client results. Caroline went on to state that over-cleansing is one of the worst things a person can do to their skin. 

"If you are cleansing properly at night, there is no reason to use cleanser on your face again in the morning," said Caroline. "All you need is a rinse with cool water or ice and to pat dry."

After over two decades of physically working on her clients' skin, Caroline has remained committed to the notion that a single, simple adjustment can make a world of difference.  

"A lot of the comments were from people saying their skin was too oily to ever cut out washing in the morning. However, what they don't realize is they are causing more oil production by over-cleansing and trying to 'wash' the oil away," said Caroline. 

"We want to create balance and homeostasis. Destroying your acid mantle by cleansing multiple times a day is definitely not the way to go about that. You should also be double cleansing at night. This will begin to balance your oil production, so you will not feel the need to cleanse again in the morning."

Caroline also wants her viewers to know that there are exceptions to this methodology, as it is definitely not for everyone. 

"Always listen to your skin. If you are sweating profusely at night, suffering from hot flashes, have acne, or are acne-prone, you definitely want to wash away the bacteria in the morning with a gentle cleanser," said Caroline. 

With skincare treatment being very dependent on an individual's circumstances, Caroline recommends that her viewers should consult a dermatologist or skincare professional to evaluate this methodology and determine if it falls within the parameters of their recommended skincare plan. She also stresses the importance of washing pillowcases regularly to avoid trapping bacteria. For those who like to work out in the morning, Caroline recommends quick facial rinses with water, followed by the application of sunscreen. Post-workout, she suggests cleansing the face once more and applying the appropriate skincare products.

Check out Nicole Caroline's viral TikTok by clicking here.

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