Space Engine Systems featured in Aerospace America Year-in-Review

EDMONTON, Alberta, Jan. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) featured Space Engine Systems in its Year-in-Review publication:

“Space Engine Systems, based in Canada, developed a scale-model engine and a three-degree-of-freedom thrust test cell to validate engine thrust, moments and flow characteristics across the full range of simulated flight speeds (Mach 1.8-5). Over seven months, SES also developed, prototyped and constructed its uncrewed demonstration vehicle, designated as Sexbomb. The goal, pending FAA approval, is to air-launch at 57,000 feet and Mach 1.8, from which it would accelerate over five minutes to Mach 5 and then glide to land. Current testing focuses on the vehicle body’s cooling capabilities for Jet-A, cryogenic and other fuels, validating the technology for larger vehicle bodies and informing the design of the company’s commercial turboramjet-rocket demonstrator, Hello-1.”

Pradeep Dass, President and CTO of Space Engine Systems is proud of this prestigious validation of this technology, developed here in Canada.

Since these reported milestones, SES has continued development of its Sexbomb platform, including the recent upgrade of its control systems.

However, hurdles with regulatory approvals and launch contractors has led to a strategic decision to proceed with its next aircraft, dubbed the Hello 1 Experimental (HELLO-1 X) being powered by the SES combined Turbo-Ramjet engine.

This will be capable of self-launch, accelerating to supersonic speed, for the ramjet to continue acceleration to Mach 5. This decision gives SES independence from air or balloon launch contractors so that all testing is kept in-house under direct control to ensure development schedules are met. Subject to approval for flight in the UK by CAA and USA by FAA multiple systems could fly before Canada Day. SES is setting up multiple space port launch facilities in the US. We hope we will get the approval from Transport Canada too, so we can do it in Canada.

“Next will be the Hello-1 commercial manned aircraft with turbo-ram jet and a rocket engine for suborbital, Point to Point and LEO. These projects are scheduled for 2023,” says Pradeep Dass.

  • Edmonton to Sydney, Australia in 2.4 hours, like a domestic flight
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  • Suborbital Flight, Point to Point and LEO at the lowest cost in the world.
  • Intercept Beijing to Edmonton hypersonic missile while it is still over the Pacific

Space Engine Systems is building the Future today.

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