Bello2 From Olive Healthcare is a Complete mHealth Body Fat Management Device

The innovative health-tracking solution uses near-infrared spectroscopic measurement.

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bello2 measures body fat and abdominal fat, providing users with regular, personalized health reports through a connected app. Its compact, ergonomic shape and easy-to-use design make it an essential item for everyone's everyday health. An innovative mHealth device, Bello2 identifies metabolic and chronic diseases and their indicating factors, helping users stay healthy.

Many people have diseases that are tough to treat, and Bello2 offers a way for them to take preventive measures into their own hands. It uses a body fat measurement technique that's associated with metabolic disease, which is more accurate than the commonly used BMI.

Bello2 offers DEXA-scan-level accuracy, and users get immediate feedback. Bello2 syncs its data with the Bello app, where users can check and track measurement results. They can also participate in a connected wellness program called 9 Block Therapy for personalized goals, exercise, and nutrition plans.

After the success of Bello1 in 2020—which received the CES Innovation Honoree award—the company created Bello2, which has an improved measurement accuracy of about 12.6%. Bello2 is also lighter than the first-generation model by 15% and has added optimized coaching services for each user.

Bello2 launches on January 4 with a Super Early Bird price of $175 (50% off) and an Early Bird price of $209 (40% off), with the official MSRP being $350 USD. Supporters can also order sets of two for a Super Early Bird Price of $315 (55% off) and an Early Bird Price of $350 (50% off).

Bello2 Core Features

●  Bello2 measures your body and abdominal fat through near-infrared spectroscopy.

●  It provides users with DEXA-scan-level accuracy and immediate feedback.

●  Continuously tracking body fat and measurements, it confirms improvements.

●  Bello2 is FCC registered and free of radiation.

●  The 9 Block Therapy program lets users set their own goals and provides customer-tailored personalized plans.

Bello2 is manufactured by Olive Healthcare in Korea, which proudly guarantees the product's safety and production manageability. Olive Healthcare has sourced technology, and patents.

Founder's Bio

The Bello2 team includes Paul Han as CEO, Hyunho Oh as CTO, and Emma Hong as Research Director.

Paul Han launched Olive Healthcare in 2016 focusing on a mission of everyone, everyday, everywhere. With a background in physics, optical spectroscopy, and optimization algorithm development for high efficiency photovoltaic solar cells, he is committed to affordable wellness and early-stage diagnosis technology.

Hyunho Oh graduated from Yonsei University with a BS in Electronics and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology with an MS, PhD in Electrical Engineering. Previously, while working for LG Electronics, he developed sensor modules to apply to home appliances and researched various healthcare sensors and medical systems.

Emma Hong studied physics and has worked at LG Electronics, developing medical devices for rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis.


Name: Hank Kim
Email: Phone: 718-440-2187

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