Ondine Biomedical appoints Charles Young to lead sales and marketing activity in North America

Vancouver, Canada, Jan. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ondine Biomedical Inc. (LON:OBI) has appointed Charles Young as its VP Sales & Marketing, North America to lead the commercialization of its antimicrobial photodisinfection-based medical device technology. Mr. Young has particular expertise in the field of prevention and treatment of infections with over 30 years of sales and marketing experience in the introduction of new technologies to hospitals and clinics across the United States and Canada. 

Mr. Young, who has administered annual budgets of over $100 million, was previously Vice President of Health Systems at Professional Disposables International (PDI). PDI is a market leader in the provision of Interventional Care, Environment of Care and Patient Care solutions designed to help reduce preventable infections. Prior to that, he was Vice President, Corporate Accounts with Sage Products LLC, a leading manufacturer and distributor of patient care and employee health interventions that help prevent hospital-acquired infections, skin injuries and healthcare worker injury.

Carolyn Cross, Ondine Biomedical’s CEO, commented, “We are delighted that Charles (Chuck) will lead our commercial efforts as he will be bringing his vast commercial experience, deep industry relationships, and considerable expertise in infection control to the Ondine team. He will initially focus on sales activity in Canada while also preparing the markets in the United States where we are undergoing clinical trials for FDA regulatory approval under the fast-track designation.”  

Ondine Biomedical’s Steriwave™ nasal photodisinfection technology has been used successfully against hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) over the past ten years in Canada. The surge in HAIs is being driven by antimicrobial resistance which has rendered many antibiotics ineffective.  Steriwave provides broad-spectrum, powerful antimicrobial action which kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses nearly instantaneously, leaving human tissue unharmed.  The technology does not create resistance and is being viewed by several of the largest hospital groups across the world as a promising therapy to address this critically important resistance issue.

Steriwave is commonly used for nasal decolonization prior to surgery, eliminating pathogens which might otherwise contaminate the surgical site, clinical staff, and the surgical theatre environment surrounding the patient. The treatment is painless and rapid and is carried out under the supervision of a trained healthcare professional.  A light-activated compound is applied into each nostril using a nasal swab followed by a few minutes of illumination with a specific wavelength and power level of light. This causes an oxidative burst which rapidly destroys the pathogens.  Most recently, the technology is being developed into a topical antiviral therapy for the upper respiratory tract, in order to reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2.


About Ondine Biomedical Inc.

Ondine Biomedical Inc. is a Canadian headquartered, medical device company led by founder and CEO, Carolyn Cross. Ondine has developed a patented, painless, photodisinfection technology platform used in treatment and prevention therapies for a broad-spectrum of pathogens – including multidrug-resistant strains. Photodisinfection is a targeted antimicrobial which uses non-thermal light to activate a photosensitive agent. In a few minutes, this light-based therapy destroys the pathogens’ cell membranes and surface proteins through an oxidative burst without any impact on human tissue. Link to video

Ondine has a pipeline of products, based on its patent protected photodisinfection platform, in various stages of development. Products include treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis, decolonization of infections in burns and wounds, disinfection of endotracheal tubes to reduce the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia and most recently, the development of topical antiviral therapy for the upper respiratory tract to reduce viral titres and transmission of respiratory viruses (e.g., SARS-CoV-2, influenza, RSV, etc.). Ondine’s technology is approved in a number of jurisdictions and has been awarded the CE mark, as well as Qualified Infectious Disease Product and Fast Track status in the US by the FDA.

For more information, please visit:  www.ondinebio.com 


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