Bond Furniture and Design Debuts Their Newly Designed Website for 2022

After Bond Furniture and Design’s new ownership completely remodeled the entire showroom, they turned their attention to their website and designed their NEW digital showcase.

Loveland, Ohio (Cincinnati, Ohio), Jan. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bond Furniture and Design is excited to announce the debut of their fully redesigned website.  Bond Furniture and Design is a furniture showplace and design studio like no other, located in beautiful Loveland, Ohio.  Just like their newly remodeled showroom, the new website offers visitors a more contemporary look, broader selection and more diversity.  The site reveals vibrant colors, simple navigation and an overall streamlined design.  The site comprises numerous “Story-Telling” images that serve as portals to access essential information.  The user-friendly interface makes it simple for visitors to see what Bond Furniture and Design represents and serves to empower customers to consider new ideas, visions and concepts.

Now under new management, the team at Bond Furniture and Design set their initial focus on resurrecting the 8,000 square foot showroom into a true showplace of beauty, design and inspiration.  From there the goal was to create an online presence that portrayed their selection of furnishings and design talents while inviting the viewer to visit their ever-evolving Bond Furniture and Design showroom.

"We want our website to reflect the pages of a design catalog: brimming with ideas, imagination and inspiration. The website also needs to serve as an open invitation to come visit our Bond Furniture and Design Showroom," stated Carol Lahke, Co-Owner, Interior Designer and Certified Organizationalist, "We believe we have accomplished all our desires and are excited to share our new digital space.  What a way to start the New Year.”

The new website is designed to be comprehensive, informative and uber visually appealing.  Two of the more robust segments added to the website are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section and the Interior Design Portfolio page.  The FAQ page answers common inquiries and is designed to make furniture selection and interior designing goals achievable.  The Interior Design Portfolio page highlights design success stories with captivating, motivating and inspiring imagery. 

The interior design team offers complimentary in-store consultations to make your space the next addition to their Interior Design Portfolio page.  Visitors to the showroom are encouraged to bring in photos of their space, concepts clipped from Houzz or samples of home furnishings that will serve as their design inspiration.  Bond Furniture and Design also offers in-home visits for a nominal fee where their designers will immerse themselves in your surroundings.  The new website now offers a consultation portal where personal appointments with design team members can be scheduled and reserved online. 

The new website features:

  • Multitude of design photographs  
  • Introduction to the the highly skilled interior design team
  • Special offers and featured items
  • Interior design information
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Details on customized furnishings
  • Portfolio of interior design artistry
  • Contact information and after hours messaging
  • New virtual tour is on the website – act as if you are actually in our showroom!

As you peruse the new website, take the 360-degree virtual tour and act as if you are really in the showroom.  This tour takes you from the front door to nearly every corner of the gallery.  Get a feel for the vast selection and the comforting space even before you walk through the doors. 

The new website represents the quality, character and service level that Bond Furniture and Design offers.  Whether you are designing a single room, renovating your entire home or have a complete new home build, with Bond Furniture and Design, we will complete your project with style and flare.  Visit the website ( today and from there plan your tour of the Bond Furniture and Design showroom.


About Bond Furniture and Design –

Bond Furniture has been a staple in the Loveland community since the early 1900's.  Now owned by a team of talented designers, Bond features modern, contemporary and eclectic furnishings that reflect an obsession with quality, design and presentation.  What started as a mattress and furniture store has evolved into one of the tri-state’s finest design studios and home of truly fine furnishings.  Every day we add new and exciting pieces to our constantly changing inventory and décor.  Our massive 8,000 square foot showroom features hundreds of furniture pieces that offer hundreds of thousands of possibilities with custom designs to complete any and all of your projects. Our team of creative, talented and artistic designers will work with you one-on-one to create the home of your dreams. 

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