USA Equities Corp's QHSLab Digital Health Platform Strategy is Backed by Latest Research Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

  • The JAMA research found that digital health interventions supporting patient self-management improves primary care for patients with multiple chronic conditions.
  • QHSLab supports medical decision making in the management of many chronic conditions including in patients with multimorbidity’s.
  • Independent physicians increasingly rely upon digital health systems to provide solutions that address their patient’s problems but are not happy with single disease specific vendor relationship.

West Palm Beach, FL, Jan. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- USA Equities Corp. (OTCQB: USAQ), a company focused on providing clinicians with tools to leverage proactive value-based healthcare solutions through the use of emerging digital and point of care technologies, recently found additional scientific validation for its digital medicine platform -- QHSLab.

A recent article published December 28, 2021, in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) titled ‘Assessment of an Interactive Digital Health–Based Self-management Program to Reduce Hospitalizations Among Patients With Multiple Chronic Diseases’ reported on the success achieved by physicians utilizing a research system similar with QHSLab. The randomized clinical trial found that "among participants who received the internet chronic disease management intervention, fewer were admitted to the hospital” and “digital health interventions supporting patient self-management and self-monitoring has the potential to augment primary care among patients with multiple chronic diseases and co-morbidities."

USA Equities Corp offers a digital medicine Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, QHSLab, which includes evidence based digital screening and patient self-management interventions. Through its dynamic algorithms QHSLab identifies the root causes of patients’ chronic disease, not merely the symptoms, and presents its findings to physicians suggesting ways to manage their patients’ diseases. QHSLab currently helps physicians manage allergies, asthma, mental health, and more through a comprehensive platform, not a single disease or health condition only approach like those offered by many other digital health providers.

Physicians are seeking preventive and chronic care management tools for their medical decision making and patient care, including non-face to face interventions and easy to incorporate workflow digital screenings. Today, independent physicians and their practices desire digital health relationships that meet all their needs instead of having to incorporate multiple limited services from numerous digital health companies. Physicians don’t have time to pick and choose among different digital health systems. QHSLab solves this problem especially for the independent primary care provider.

"We see the burden placed on primary care providers to care for patients who present with a myriad of conditions that need ongoing medical management both face to face and non-face to face. Providers are seeking comprehensive and reimbursable tools that provide them with the data and monitoring they need to support their patient caseload while providing first class care," said USA Equities Corp Chief Executive Officer Troy Grogan.

The recent study published in Jama states that "Implicit in care is successful patient self-management, which includes self-monitoring of symptoms, maintenance of healthy lifestyle behaviors, and management of medications." QHSLab is a low cost high value service which allows physicians and patients to achieve this objective. QHSLab’s expansion will continue throughout the new year. "We are excited to soon release new reimbursable digital medicine instruments for managing hypertension, asthmatic lung function, chronic pain and obstructive sleep apnea, adding to our existing portfolio and putting even more power in the hands of independent primary care physicians. We’re listening to our physician clients and delivering on what they’re asking for" concluded Grogan.

The Company began the process of changing its name to QHSLab, Inc. by filing a preliminary information statement with the SEC on December 21, 2021. The name change reflects the business, products and services the Company now offers as referenced throughout this press release.

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