Software Licensing Consultants (SLC) develops first-of-its-kind Oracle software licensing assessment platform

SEATTLE, Jan. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Software Licensing Consultants (SLC), the original Oracle licensing consulting firm, announced today it has developed new proprietary tools for assessing compliance with Oracle software licensing.

The new SLC Navigator platform helps clients determine what software is installed, where it’s installed and how Oracle counts licenses required compared to the number of entitlements owned.

“We spent 2021 building and testing our new platform for assessing the complex environment of enterprise licensing compliance,” said SLC CEO Ed Ramirez. “Our investment in these tools comes at a time when we see Oracle getting increasingly more stringent about the terms of its tools and outputs, and more aggressive with its audits. We’re already saving our clients time and money.”

And when it comes to audits, says SLC Vice President of Business Development Evan Boyd, Oracle doesn’t want users to know there are options for outside help.

“Via its terms and conditions, Oracle states that the client is not allowed to share their scripts or outputs with anyone but Oracle, which is intended to scare you into thinking you can’t get outside help because the whole purpose of an audit is to grab large amounts of revenue,” Boyd said. “The platform we’ve developed circumvents any terms and conditions issues with Oracle, and we can freely defend our clients. In fact, 99% of the time, our clients pay nothing to Oracle.”

Boyd also said that later in 2022 its Navigator platform will be made available on its website as part of SLC’s new Learning Center, which contains tools, training materials and accredited certifications. SLC is currently offering free consultations to anyone who has received an Oracle audit letter – email to learn more.

“We’re a team of former Oracle insiders, so we know how to quickly sort through contracts and licenses, and it’s worth having us take a closer look with you,” Boyd said. “If you’re working with another licensing firm, you’re working with someone who doesn’t have an assessment platform like what SLC has built.”

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