Flexera Upgrades Industry’s Most Powerful SaaS Management Solution for Cost Visibility and Control

Flexera Adds Deepest Industry Visibility into Salesforce AppExchange and Marketing Cloud

ITASCA, Ill., Jan. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Flexera, the company that helps organizations maximize business value from their technology investments, today announced that Flexera One SaaS Management now offers industry-leading visibility and management of top SaaS products, including Salesforce AppExchange and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (after the next Salesforce Marketing Cloud release, expected in 1Q 2022). 

Flexera SaaS Management is part of Flexera One IT Asset Management. Flexera One’s discovery is optimized for today’s digital business, discovering even the most elusive hardware and software across environments like SaaS, cloud, containers, clusters and virtual technologies. 

“Enterprises are increasing the usage of SaaS products from major vendors, including Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft,” said Cyndi Tackett, vice president of product marketing at Flexera. “Yet IT departments often struggle to get the visibility and management controls for SaaS that they have over cloud or on-premise software. By working closely with some of Flexera’s largest customers, we have identified areas of major spending that can be reduced. This is why we’re releasing new functionality around Salesforce AppExchange and Marketing Cloud.”

SaaS usage is rapidly growing. So is the need for SaaS management tools, which help manage usage and associated expenses. The Flexera 2022 Tech Spend Pulse survey found that 69 percent of respondents increased SaaS usage during the pandemic and 78 percent expect to increase that spend in 2022. Yet nearly one third, 33 percent, are just beginning to manage that spend; an additional eight percent have no processes at all for SaaS spend management. 

Flexera SaaS Management offers visibility into spend across SaaS products through a variety of integrations with the HR roster, expense data, SSO integration, direct integrations and policies. Flexera provides greater levels of depth and width for analysis of the most commonly used SaaS providers, including Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce. The results: insights to enable the right optimization decisions.

Flexera SaaS Management offers enterprise customers:

  • Visibility: An enterprise-wide catalog of sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS.
  • Ease of management: Streamlining management of active and inactive users of applications.
  • Cost control: Governing and planning software spend; identifying waste from unused software and redundant applications.
  • Security: Identification and remediation of unauthorized and inactive user access to SaaS applications and data.

Deeper visibility Into Salesforce 
The Flexera 2022 Tech Spend Pulse found that 48 percent of enterprises list Salesforce as one of their top three vendors, in terms of IT spend. 

Many Salesforce customers have 20 or more Salesforce instances, but have no way to see the entitlements across all of those orgs (an org is a Salesforce identifier that represents a customers’ version of Salesforce and its data within an instance). Flexera SaaS Management’s in-depth Salesforce integration delivers a consolidated view across all Salesforce organizations. Flexera now offers the ability to see all Salesforce licenses for all orgs—rolled up into a single view. Many companies do this manually using custom reports, screenshots or spreadsheets, but Flexera One SaaS Management offers this in a single view.

In addition, Flexera has announced functionality that supports:

  • Salesforce AppExchange: Salesforce AppExchange enables third parties to develop add-ons and make them available (free and paid) to enterprise Salesforce users. Because contracts are between enterprises and third-party vendors, not Salesforce, this can create a blind spot for enterprises in terms of who is purchasing and using these applications. Flexera SaaS Management is the only platform to provide visibility into AppExchange and manage active and inactive users. This can be a daunting and time-consuming task if done manually, especially if users are managing multiple organizations, pulling reports of installed applications and obtaining user lists. 
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a fast-growing data-first digital marketing platform. It’s sold separately from the Salesforce platform by a consumption-based model based upon usage of contacts and super messages. Flexera will be able to ingest those two unique metrics from Salesforce and present that data to Flexera One customers as another usage or consumption view.

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