ALYI Accelerates EV Ecosystem Growth On Revenue And Partnership Milestones

Dallas, Texas, Jan. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: ALYI) today published a 2022 strategic outlook presentation from the company CEO, Dr. Randell Torno.  The presentation today is the first in a series of weekly communications Dr. Torno plans to release.  In the subsequent communications from Dr. Torno, he will drill down into each of the subjects highlighted in the presentation released here in its entirety below:

ALYI’s EV Value Proposition Transitions From Concept To Tangible Reality

The presentation here today is intended to serve as roadmap to understanding the primary components of ALYI’s strategic plans to expand its electric vehicle (EV) market share in 2022 and beyond.

Successful startups enter new, existing or hybrid markets with a new value proposition. They then immediately begin the interactive process of responding to the market’s reaction to their initial value proposition by adapting their value proposition until they find a true fit that meets actual market demand.

ALYI entered the nascent EV market in 2017 focused initially on battery technology.  We learned the EV market was so early on that a component solution to a larger, but yet to be fully defined market was not viable.  We adapted our value proposition to encompass the entire EV ecosystem.

We recognize taking on an entire ecosystem is seemingly a gargantuan undertaking for a startup. Accordingly, we designed a plan that can creatively tap into off balance sheet resources giving ALYI’s EV ecosystem business plan far greater potential than expected from a review of our financial statement.  Surmounting gargantuan undertakings can lead to realizing gargantuan returns.

In 2021, many of the components of ALYI’s EV ecosystem plan transitioned from concept into tangible building blocks.  ALYI’s EV ecosystem is now in the early stages of becoming a reality.  Key contracts have been executed. Products have been produced, and revenue is being generated.

The presentation here today will highlight the now tangible components of ALYI’s EV ecosystem and subsequent presentations in the following weeks will address more detail on each component highlighted here today.

The ALYI EV Ecosystem

Transitioning the transportation market from internal combustion engine powered vehicles to electric powered vehicles is a complex, decades long initiative. 

Vehicles must be designed and manufactured. Components must be sourced, and support structures have to be built.  Consumer mindshare has to be convinced. Innovations next year and ten years from now will likely introduce changes to the overall EV market adoption trajectory that may make earlier work obsolete.

The rollout of EV transportation requires a perpetual process fueled by an ecosystem of providers and consumers.

ALYI’s mission is to build a network of EV providers and consumers under a single brand name recognized for innovation, and cooperative excellence committed to socially responsible goals.

In 2021, ALYI enjoyed notable success in the establishment of EV provider and consumer partnerships (see EV Ecosystem Partnerships Take Root).  ALYI now has its first EV provider and consumer satellites set into its ecosystem orbit giving the ALYI brand objectives traction.

Africa – Proving Ground and Overlooked Economic Opportunity

ALYI is launching its EV ecosystem in Africa.  Africa has one of the lowest per capita transportation ratios in the world giving ALYI the opportunity to introduce transportation solutions for the first time rather than replacing transportation solutions.

Africa presents a rugged and resource constrained market.  EV success in Africa is likely to produce a globally scalable EV solution template.

Africa is also much more than just a viable proving ground.  Africa is an enormous, yet underappreciated economic opportunity in and of itself.

McKinsey predicts $5.6 trillion in African business opportunities by 2025 … Africa today accounts for around 17% of the world’s population, but only about 3% of global GDP. These statistics not only attest to a failure to tap the continent’s developmental potential, but also highlight the tremendous opportunities and risks ahead. As long as Africa continues to lag economically, it will be a source of global instability and extremism. But if it rises, it could be one of the major sources of growth for the world.”

Social responsibility can have substantial economic incentives.  ALYI’s EV ecosystem advances environmental sustainability and economic growth in Africa, both essential components of political and economic global stability.  ALYI stands to benefit from the largely untapped economic opportunity in Africa and the opportunity that comes with building a global brand name.

Revenue Growth and Market Capitalization Enhancement

After pursuing a long and winding road, ALYI has begun producing and delivering its first electric vehicles.

ALYI is now delivering two different electric motorcycle models to Kenya.  The motorcycles are going into service in the robust motorcycle taxi market that exists in Kenya.

ALYI is also delivering components to locally assemble three wheeled electric Bajas in Ethiopia which are also going into service withing the local taxi market in addition to serving the delivery market.

With the order processing, ALYI anticipates reporting $2 million in revenue for 2021.

We anticipate our EV sales to grow in 2022.  We also anticipate adding additional sources of EV ecosystem revenue in 2022.  We have the potential to realize substantial revenue growth in 2022.  We have set a stretch revenue goal of $50 million.

Establishing revenue traction and realizing revenue growth have the potential to enhance our market capitalization.  Startups access capital buy leveraging stock.  Stock represents the future value of the startup.  In essence, startups mortgage their future to access growth capital.

Revenue does two things for a startup.  First, it gives credibility to the long-term potential of the company further enhancing the future value.  Second, the revenue offsets the requirement to continue using stock to access growth capital.

EV Ecosystem Partnerships Take Root

We envision our EV ecosystem as a solar system of partners orbiting around the objective of building a perpetual and optimized EV production and utilization process in pursuit of socially responsible goals.

We intend to appeal to potential partners by building an annual EV ecosystem symposium around a globally recognized electric vehicle race event where partners are incentivized to be associated with EV excellence demonstrated through participation in the race.

Toward this end, ALYI has worked closely with a Kenyan race event business named East African Grand Prix (EAGP).  ALYI has been an investor in EAGP and enjoyed the off-balance sheet benefit of EAGP sourcing investors independent of ALYI.

Just prior to the onset of Covid, EAGP entered into a provisional licensing agreement with Formula E to bring an annual race to Nairobi.  The initial agreement with Formula E required EAGP to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study to verify a race event could be conducted within Formula E’s strict standards.  Covid slowed the feasibility study down considerably, but the study has finally been completed to Formula E’s satisfaction.  ALYI, EAGP and Formula E met at Formula E’s headquarters in London just prior to the holidays to beginning planning for the prospective Nairobi Formula E event.

ALYI’s EV ecosystem partnership network is growing and has achieved a number of notable milestones in 2021 in addition to the EAGP/Formula E partnership.  The partnerships both expand the overall capabilities of the ALYI EV ecosystem while also providing off balance sheet resources. 

EV ecosystem partners include Waterpure International, Inc. (OTC Pink: WPUR), adding sustainable EV charging solutions, Priority Aviation, Inc. (OTC Pink: PJET), adding EV market expansion opportunity, and iQSTEL, Inc. (OTCQX: IQST), contributing vital EV technologies.

ALYI has also made a strategic investment in the car sharing technology company Zoomcar Inc. expected to IPO this year.  The Zoomcar initiative has the potential to both add an additional component to the ALYI EV ecosystem that can dramatically expand the overall ecosystem reach, as well as providing a substantial boost to the ALYI balance sheet where a Zoomcar IPO is received well by the marketplace.

Revolt Token Earning Its Stripes

ALYI established an innovative funding source through its partnership with Revolt Token.  Revolt Token offers a cryptocurrency also named Revolt Token, with funds dedicated to financing the ALYI EV ecosystem.

The cryptocurrency market, while growing in value and liquidity by leaps and bounds, remains a nascent market with a long way to go in regard to process, procedure, regulation and credibility.  Revolt Token is learning as it goes and earning its cryptocurrency stripes.

Revolt Token has been slow to establish an exchange listing.  The listing process is not trivial.  An exchange listing is vital to the potential appreciation and liquidity of Revolt Token.  After scaling the learning curve, a Revolt Token exchange listing is now imminent. Look for more information on the Revolt Token exchange listing later this week. 

To learn more about Revolt Token and how to participate in ALYI’s electric vehicle ecosystem through the purchase of Revolt Tokens, visit

ALYI Within The Overall Electric Vehicle Market Outlook

Analysis from Growth Market Reports valued the electric vehicle market at USD 273.31 billion in 2020 projected to reach USD 802.75 billion by 2028, expanding at a CAGR of 21.6%.

The Biden Administration has set a target for electric vehicles to make 50% of the overall auto market by 2030.

Electric vehicles currently make only 7.2% of the overall auto market.

The Electric Vehicle market opportunity is vast.  We believe the ALYI approach is unique and that our launch focus in Africa further differentiates us from the competition.  Our management team has years of experience in Africa built on a continuing passion for contributing to economic and political stability in Africa. We believe our experienced and passion driven launch in Africa will bode well for ALYI’s long-term success.

Look for weekly updates following this overview that will drill down into more detail on each of the topics highlighted here.

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