Serstech files nine patent applications

Serstech has filed nine patent applications to the European patent office over the last two weeks. The patent applications are filed to protect the newly launched Serstech Arx products and the next generation product platform that is currently under development. Due to ongoing and expected sales opportunities in particularly the US market, Serstech recently decided to ramp up its IPR efforts to better protect its innovations.

Serstech has three already approved patents, whereof the two more recent ones have been implemented in currently available products. One of these is for the industry-first autofocus functionality that is available in the Serstech Arx and Arx+ instruments. Autofocus not only allows for more accurate measurements, but it also removes the need for any adaptors, which can be cumbersome to handle by operators in the field. The other patent is for the SERS kit, which allows for identification of substances down to ppm (parts per million) level concentrations.

“As we are working on adding value to our existing products and in parallel are in the research phase of our next generation products, the team produces many new ideas. Our R&D team is world-class, and the level of innovation is truly impressive”, says Serstech CEO Stefan Sandor.

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About Serstech
Serstech delivers solutions for chemical identification and has customers around the world, mainly in the safety and security industry. Typical customers are customs, police authorities, security organizations and first responders. The solutions and technology are however not limited to security applications and potentially any industry using chemicals of some kind could be addressed by Serstech’s solution. Serstech’s head office is in Sweden and all production is done in Sweden.

Serstech is traded at Nasdaq First North Growth Market and more information about the company can be found at