Eric Cleary’s Investment Team Has Created The One-Stop-Shop For Canadian Real Estate Investors

Ontario, Canada, Jan. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canada’s booming residential and property market is slated for some major changes in the coming years, with Generation Z and millennials about to become top investors in real estate, and one highly skilled investment team is poised to play a key role guiding those decisions.

Eric Cleary’s Investment Team, which covers the Niagara and Hamilton markets, has created a full-service real estate company that aims to simplify the entire process of buying, selling, and managing properties, making it easy and seamless for investors of all ages and experiences. “Full-service” is overused across various industries, however, Eric’s team has created a one-stop-shop for investors that truly want to make passive income in real estate.

Based in St. Catharines, the four highly experienced professionals that make up the Investment Team are able to guide clients through the nuances of the property industry that most realtors don’t know or don’t understand. Their skills include identifying the best areas for investing to attract specific tenants that a client wants or their preferred highest rent amount.

When it comes time to sell, the team is able to maximize list prices and connect property owners with their ever-expanding list of investors for a speedy and profitable sale.

Their work is divided into three main areas; real estate services such as the buying and selling of investment properties, property management including leasing and overseeing the regular day-to-day running of real estate, and project management -- a broader category that covers plans for converting single family homes into legal multiple dwellings,this includes architectural drawings & a permit process through the municipality the home was purchased in.

It’s hard work but the Investment Team is able to make it easy because of their combined decades of working in the real estate sector. The team includes Eric Cleary, a co-founder of a leading Canadian property management company called OrangeList. This company was born in an attempt to eliminate every headache from the landlord-tenant relationship while boosting their clients’ cash flows.

Cleary and his colleagues track the latest developments in property law so that they can find new ways that clients can make the most of their investments, whether that’s identifying new ways to increase the number of units that could be permitted for a single-family house, or guiding clients to invest in certain cities with more-flexible real estate investment policies.

“We are one of the few, if not the only, teams that can help our clients every step of the way,” says Cleary. “We want to control the experience and ensure all steps are handled professionally and efficiently to maximize returns and mitigate risk for every one of our clients.”

Those clients could include Gen Z, whose property buying power could increase by up to $33 trillion over the next decade, as well as other first-time buyers and existing owners. Regardless of a client’s experience with owning properties, the Investment Team has the goal of providing them all with the same superior level of expert support to achieve their aims.

And high demand for the team’s work continues. “The market was lacking a company that was innovative and willing to approach property management from a different and holistic angle. At the same time there aren't a lot of realtors that specialize in investment properties and dealing with tenants, we chose to be that resource to help people build wealth,” adds Cleary.

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