Bob Barocas Publishes Legacy of Light

HIGHLAND PARK, N.J., Jan. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After years of writing, Bob Barocas (Rachmiel David Barocas) has published Legacy of Light: Revealing the Torah's Eternal Relevance, a book of insights on the weekly Torah portion. The book is now available in major Jewish bookstores throughout the United States and Israel and online at

Rabbi Zev Leff noted in his approbation for the book, "Although Mr. Barocas does not present himself as a Rabbi, I would like to refer to him as such since someone who imparts Torah knowledge and Torah living as beautifully as he does is truly a qualified Torah teacher and as such a Rabbi of sorts. Additionally, I learned much from reading this masterpiece and must refer to the author as 'my Rabbi' as related in Pirkei Avos."

The book contains growth-oriented messages designed to deepen the reader's appreciation of Torah. It draws upon a wide array of sources including the classic Torah commentaries as well as current-day masters of mussar and hashkafa. The goal of the book is to illuminate the Chumash in a way that will leave the reader feeling uplifted, more knowledgeable, and motivated to become greater.

According to Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz, "This work presents Torah ideas in an original way, and relates them to the practical world of our lives. The author is to be commended for his thought-provoking and accessible style and his ability to show how every facet of Torah is relevant to every generation."

Regarding the book's title, Rabbi Beryl Gershenfeld said, "I greatly appreciate and resonate with the title ... Hopefully your sefer will be a noble addition to that exalted tradition of helping people use light/Torah to understand reality in a more profound and inspirational manner."

Bob Barocas studied at Machon Yaakov in Jerusalem under Rabbi Beryl Gershenfeld and continued his learning at the Edison Chabura in Highland Park, New Jersey. These foundational years shaped his Slobodka-style hashkafa and love for mussar. Whether delving into a sugya in Shas or a perush on Chumash, Mr. Barocas strives to unearth deeply inspiring and life-altering messages in everything he learns and passionately share them with others. Mr. Barocas lives in Highland Park, New Jersey with his wife and children. 

Legacy of Light: Revealing the Torah's Eternal Relevance was published by Adir Press and distributed by Feldheim.

The book can be purchased online here:

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