International Committee on Nigeria Embraces Hope for Nigeria

International Committee on Nigeria (ICON) Increases Hope for Nigeria Through Advocacy, Education, and Awareness for A Better Tomorrow

FALLS CHURCH, Va., Jan. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- International Committee on Nigeria is embarking on a new campaign, Hope for Nigeria: A Better Tomorrow. ICON is desiring to increase awareness of the atrocities and killings occurring in Nigeria every day. 

Educating the public while advocating for the persecuted and vulnerable in Nigeria, ICON is exposing the abuses that citizens are facing, that of human rights, religious freedom and freedom of expression. 

In an effort to bring a multifaceted approach to educating the public and advocating for Nigerians, ICON is pursuing:

  • Advocacy That Moves Government Action

ICON is aware that the bad actors behind the conflicts are terrorists and militants, but the government is also complicit. Let's expose bad actors and hold the Nigerian government accountable; global engagement is crucial. Help by signing ICON's petition. See how.

  • Publicity That Saves Lives

ICON hosted French philosopher, author, and filmmaker Bernard-Henri Lévy to discuss his latest release, "The Will to See," during a U.S. Congressional briefing on Nigeria.

  • Helping Nigerians to Solve Problem

ICON is inspiring Nigerians in the USA to be advocates by engaging policy-makers and raising their voices (see New Jersey Rally). ICON is also investing in grassroots journalists to expose the atrocities and preparators of the violence from the frontlines.

Over three million people are displaced by the ongoing conflicts in Nigeria. Last year, the Nigeria Security Tracker reported over 6,000 deaths from Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists and Fulani militants, with over 3,000 persons kidnapped. Since 2009, over 13,000 churches were attacked or destroyed by terrorists. The UNDP estimates over 350,000 deaths are a result of the ongoing conflicts stating, "If the conflict continues to 2030, more than 1.1 million people may die." Although Nigeria claims to be a democracy and seems to promote freedom values, it is a leading violator of religious freedom, human rights and freedom of expression.

"ICON is discouraged that the U.S. Department of State removed Nigeria from Countries of Particular Concern list," said Stephen Enada, ICON President. "Hopefully, Nigeria will return to the CPC list and global accountability can return hope and save lives."

What can people do? Invite ICON to share at a town hall, a house of worship or a local community group, but also contact U.S. representatives (Congress/Senate) and local TV, radio and newspapers to report on Nigeria's atrocities and killings. ICON believes that there remains Hope for Nigeria and A Better Tomorrow.

About the International Committee on Nigeria

ICON is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit in the United States committed to advocating and raising awareness for the plight of millions in Nigeria enduring human rights abuses, religious freedom violations and the limits of freedom of expression. For more information, please visit

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Kyle Abts

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Image 1: ICON has Hope for Nigeria

ICON believes that there remains a hope for Nigeria and a better tomorrow.

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ICON has Hope for Nigeria