Outlook on the Genomic Cancer Panel and Profiling Global Market - Featuring 10x Genomics, Abbott Diagnostics and AccuraGen Among Others

Dublin, Jan. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Genomic Cancer Panel and Profiling Markets by Cancer, by Application, by Tissue and by Gene Type with Screening potential Market Size, Forecasting/Analysis, and Executive and Consultant Guides" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

This report provides data that analysts and planners can use. Hundreds of pages of information including a complete list of Current 2021 United States Medicare Fee Payment Schedules to help understand test pricing in detail. Forecast demand for new testing regimes or technologies. Make research investment decisions. Existing laboratories and hospitals can use the information directly to forecast and plan for clinical facilities growth.

Cancer Gene Panels and Genomic Profiling are quickly changing the diagnosis and treatment of cancers. The market is moving out of a specialized niche and going mainstream as Oncologists begin routinely using information on the hundreds of genes related to cancer. The market is exploding as physicians use all the information they can get in the battle against cancer.

While Pharmaceutical Companies see the potential to make nearly any therapy viable. The report has data on how test volumes have grown for the biggest players. Find out how this new way of understanding cancer will change cancer diagnostics forever.

Comprehensive panels, genomic profiling, high risk breast cancer panels. Learn all about how players are jockeying for position in a market that is being created from scratch. And some players are pulling way out in front and expanding globally. It is a dynamic market situation with enormous opportunity where the right diagnostic with the right support can command premium pricing. And the science is developing at the same time creating new opportunities with regularity. And the cost of sequencing continues to fall.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Market Guides
1.1 Cancer Panel Market - Strategic Situation Analysis & COVID Update
1.2 Large Comprehensive Cancer Panel Market - Situation Analysis
1.3 Guide for Executives, Marketing, Sales and Business Development Staff
1.4 Guide for Management Consultants and Investment Advisors
1.5 Market Size and Shares - Large Comprehensive

2 Introduction and Market Definition
2.1 What are Cancer Gene Panels and Profiling?
2.2 The Sequencing Revolution
2.3 Market Definition
2.3.1 Revenue Market Size
2.4 Methodology
2.4.1 Authors
2.4.2 Sources
2.5 A Spending Perspective on Clinical Laboratory Testing
2.5.1 An Historical Look at Clinical Testing

3 Market Overview
3.1 Players in a Dynamic Market
3.1.1 Academic Research Lab
3.1.2 Diagnostic Test Developer
3.1.3 Instrumentation Supplier
3.1.4 Distributor and Reagent Supplier
3.1.5 Independent Testing Lab
3.1.6 Public National/regional lab
3.1.7 Hospital lab
3.1.8 Physician Office Labs
3.1.9 Audit Body
3.1.10 Certification Body
3.2 Oncogenomics
3.2.1 Carcinogenesis
3.2.2 Chromosomes, Genes and Epigenetics Chromosomes Genes Epigenetics
3.2.3 Cancer Genes
3.2.4 Germline vs Somatic
3.2.5 Gene Panels, Single Gene Assays and Multiplexing
3.2.6 Genomic Profiling
3.2.7 The Comprehensive Assay
3.2.8 Changing Clinical Role
3.2.9 The Cancer Screening Market Opportunity
3.3 Cancer Management vs. Diagnosis
3.3.1 The Role of Risk Assessment
3.3.2 Diagnosis
3.3.3 Managing
3.3.4 Monitoring
3.4 Phases of Adoption - Looking into The Future
3.5 Structure of Industry Plays a Part
3.5.1 Hospital Testing Share
3.5.2 Economies of Scale Hospital vs. Central Lab
3.5.3 Physician Office Lab's
3.5.4 Physician's and POCT
3.6 Currently Available Large Comprehensive Assays
3.7 Pricing Profiling vs. Whole Exome (or Genome) Sequencing
3.7.1 Medicare Profile Pricing
3.7.2 Whole Exome Sequencing

4 Market Trends
4.1 Factors Driving Growth
4.1.1 Level of Care
4.1.2 Companion Dx
4.1.3 Immuno-oncology
4.1.4 Liability
4.1.5 Aging Population
4.2 Factors Limiting Growth
4.2.1 State of knowledge
4.2.2 Genetic Blizzard
4.2.3 Protocol Resistance
4.2.4 Regulation and coverage
4.3 Instrumentation and Automation
4.3.1 Instruments Key to Market Share
4.3.2 Bioinformatics Plays a Role
4.4 Diagnostic Technology Development
4.4.1 Next Generation Sequencing Fuels a Revolution
4.4.2 Single Cell Genomics Changes the Picture
4.4.3 Pharmacogenomics Blurs Diagnosis and Treatment
4.4.4 CGES Testing, A Brave New World
4.4.5 Biochips/Giant magneto resistance based assay

5 Cancer Panels & Profiles Recent Developments
5.1 Recent Developments - Importance and How to Use This Section
5.1.1 Importance of These Developments
5.1.2 How to Use This Section
5.2 Dante Labs Acquires Cambridge Cancer Genomics
5.3 Celemics, Strand Partner on Integrated Platform for NGS Analysis
5.4 Myriad Genetics Recalibrates Breast Cancer Panel for All Ancestries
5.5 Burning Rock Revenues Rise
5.6 Caris Life Sciences to Expand Liquid Biopsy Testing
5.7 OncoDiag Announces Multiplex Test for Bladder Cancer Recurrence
5.8 Intermountain and Myriad Combine Test Offering
5.9 Illumina, Geneseeq to Offer Cancer Testing Kits in China
5.10 Exact Sciences to Offer End-to-End Cancer Testing
5.11 Guardant Health Turns to Tumor Tissue Sequencing
5.12 Tempus Inks Oncology Testing Collaboration With Bayer
5.13 Biocartis Collaborating With GeneproDx, Endpoint Health on Tests for Idylla Platform
5.14 Wales to Routinely Screen Cancer Patients With Yourgene Elucigene Test
5.15 Metastatic Cancer Markers Identified in Clinical WGS Study
5.16 Stitch Bio Bets on CRISPR Tech
5.17 Bayer, LifeLabs Launch Free NTRK Genetic Testing Program
5.18 Foundation Medicine Liquid Biopsy Gets FDA Approval for Multiple Companion Dx
5.19 Progress, Challenges in Liquid Biopsy Reimbursement
5.20 Israeli Startup Curesponse Raises $6M
5.21 Invitae, ArcherDX Merge to Advance Precision Oncology Offerings
5.22 MD Anderson Precision Oncology Decision Support to Use Philips' Informatics Solution
5.23 NeoGenomics, Lilly Oncology Partner for Thyroid Cancer Testing Program
5.24 Germline Results Guides Precision Therapy in Advanced Cancer
5.25 FDA Clears Cancer Genomic Profiling Kit From Personal Genome Diagnostics
5.26 ArcherDX, Premier Collaborate to Evaluate Genomic Sequencing Assay for Cancers
5.27 Labs Reporting Cancer Risk Mutations from Tumor Testing
5.28 Users Begin Integrating Genomics Data for Clinical Decision Support
5.29 Fujitsu Improves Efficiency in Cancer Genomic Medicine
5.30 Thermo Fisher's automated sequencer to offer same-day, pan-cancer test results
5.31 Universal Genetic Testing for All Breast Cancer Patients
5.32 Exact Sciences buys Genomic Health
5.33 Multi-Gene Liquid Biopsy Breast Cancer Panel
5.34 Thrive to Develop Earlier Detection of Multiple Cancer Types
5.35 New Gene Panel Identifies High Risk Prostate Cancer
5.36 Guardant Health Liquid Biopsy Test to be Covered by EviCore
5.37 Biocept Partnership Offering for Liquid Biopsy Adds Several Key Services
5.38 Natera Commercializes Tumor Whole Exome Sequencing from Plasma
5.39 Inivata Completes £39.8M Series B Funding Round
5.40 Bio-Rad Clinical ddPCR Test, Diagnostic System Get FDA Clearance
5.41 CellMax, Medigen Biotech Partner in Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials
5.42 Biodesix Acquires Integrated Diagnostics
5.43 Predicine, Kintor Pharmaceuticals Partner on Clinical Trials, CDx

6 Profiles of Key Players
6.1 10x Genomics, Inc
6.2 Abbott Diagnostics
6.3 AccuraGen Inc
6.4 Adaptive Biotechnologies
6.5 Aethlon Medical
6.6 Agena Bioscience, Inc
6.7 Agilent/Dako
6.8 Anchor Dx
6.9 ANGLE plc
6.10 ApoCell, Inc.
6.11 ArcherDx, Inc
6.12 ARUP Laboratories
6.13 Asuragen
6.14 AVIVA Biosciences
6.15 Baylor Miraca Genetics Laboratories
6.16 Beckman Coulter Diagnostics
6.17 Becton, Dickinson and Company
6.18 BGI Genomics Co. Ltd
6.19 Bioarray Genetics
6.20 Biocartis
6.21 Biocept, Inc
6.22 Biodesix Inc
6.23 BioFluidica
6.24 BioGenex
6.25 BioIVT
6.26 Biolidics Ltd
6.27 bioMerieux Diagnostics
6.28 Bioneer Corporation
6.29 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc
6.30 Bio-Reference Laboratories
6.31 Bio-Techne
6.32 Bioview
6.33 Bolidics
6.34 Boreal Genomics
6.35 Bristol-Myers Squibb
6.36 Burning Rock
6.37 Cancer Genetics
6.38 Caris Molecular Diagnostics
6.39 Castle Biosciences, Inc.
6.40 Celemics
6.41 CellMax Life
6.42 Cepheid (Danaher)
6.43 Charles River Laboratories
6.44 Chronix Biomedical
6.45 Circulogene
6.46 Clinical Genomics
6.47 Cynvenio
6.48 Cytolumina Technologies Corp
6.49 CytoTrack
6.50 Datar Cancer Genetics Limited
6.51 Diagnologix LLC
6.52 Diasorin S.p.A
6.53 Enzo Life Sciences, Inc
6.54 Epic Sciences
6.55 Epigenomics AG
6.56 Eurofins Scientific
6.57 Exact Sciences
6.58 Exosome Diagnostics
6.59 Exosome Sciences
6.60 Fabric Genomics
6.61 Fluidigm Corp
6.62 Fluxion Biosciences
6.63 Foundation Medicine
6.64 Freenome
6.65 FUJIFILM Wako Diagnostics
6.66 GeneFirst Ltd.
6.67 Genetron Holdings
6.68 GenomOncology
6.69 GILUPI Nanomedizin
6.70 Grail, Inc.
6.71 Guardant Health
6.72 HalioDx
6.73 HansaBiomed
6.74 HeiScreen
6.75 Helomics
6.76 Horizon Discovery
6.77 HTG Molecular Diagnostics
6.78 iCellate
6.79 Illumina
6.80 Incell Dx
6.81 Inivata
6.82 Integrated Diagnostics
6.83 Invitae Corporation
6.84 Invivogen
6.85 Invivoscribe
6.86 Janssen Diagnostics
6.87 MDNA Life SCIENCES, Inc
6.88 MDx Health
6.89 Menarini Silicon Biosystems
6.90 Millipore Sigma
6.91 Miltenyi Biotec
6.92 MIODx
6.93 miR Scientific
6.94 Molecular MD
6.95 MyCartis
6.96 Myriad Genetics/Myriad RBM
6.97 NantHealth, Inc.
6.98 Natera
6.99 NeoGenomics
6.100 New Oncology
6.101 NGeneBio
6.102 Novogene Bioinformatics Technology Co., Ltd.
6.103 Oncocyte
6.104 OncoDNA
6.105 Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
6.106 Oxford Nanopore Technologies
6.107 Panagene
6.108 Perkin Elmer
6.109 Personal Genome Diagnostics
6.110 Personalis
6.111 Precipio
6.112 PrecisionMed
6.113 Promega
6.114 Qiagen Gmbh
6.115 Rarecells SAS
6.116 RareCyte
6.117 Roche Molecular Diagnostics
6.118 Screencell
6.119 Sense Biodetection
6.120 Serametrix
6.121 Siemens Healthineers
6.122 Silicon Biosystems
6.123 simfo GmbH
6.124 Singlera Genomics Inc
6.125 Singulomics
6.126 SkylineDx
6.127 Stratos Genomics
6.128 Sysmex Inostics
6.129 Tempus Labs, Inc
6.130 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
6.131 Thrive Earlier Detection
6.132 Todos Medical
6.133 Trovagene
6.134 Variantyx
6.135 Volition
6.136 Vortex Biosciences

7 The Global Market for Cancer Gene Panels and Profiles

8 Global Cancer Gene Panels & Profiles Markets - By Type of Cancer

9 Global Cancer Gene Panels & Profiles Markets - By Type of Application

10 Global Cancer Gene Panels & Profiles Markets - By Tissue Type

11 Global Cancer Gene Testing Markets - Germline and Somatic
11.1 Global Market Somatic
11.1.1 Table Somatic - by Country
11.1.2 Chart - Somatic Testing Growth
11.2 Global Market Germline
11.2.1 Table Germline - by Country
11.2.2 Chart - Germline Testing Growth

12 Potential Market Opportunity Sizes
12.1 Potential Cancer Screening by Country: Lung, Breast & Colorectal
12.2 Potential Cancer Screening by Country: Prostate, Other Cancer & All Cancer
12.3 Potential Market Size - Cancer Diagnosis
12.4 Potential Market Size - Therapy Selection

13 Appendices

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