Next-Gen Comics App Macroverse Announces the Launch of Fully Customizable DeadTown Zed NFT Avatar Zombies

DeadTown Zombies launching 2/2/22 

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via CryptoCurrencyWire -- Eisner-nominated comics producer Macroverse launches its first series of NFT Avatars: DeadTown Zeds dropping 2/2/22! Uniquely, these Zombie characters are FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE, which means every attribute is chosen by the collectors. From freshly dead to fiendishly foul, YOU get to decide what your zombie looks like! 

“We chose to launch with our DeadTown Zeds because they provide a unique entry point into the Web3 ecosystem we’re building. The art is incredible, and they tie directly into our flagship original series,” said Eben Matthews, Macroverse co-founder. “Collecting these NFTs is your ticket into an entire story world. For the first time, creators, collectors and fans have all their incentives aligned to build massive entertainment franchises. The community participates in and benefits from every stage. That is thrilling!”

“Being customizable means that everyone gets to collect a character they like,” added Macroverse co-founder Ricci Rukavina. “This puts rarity over scarcity. Only after minting has closed is the rarity of the traits in the collection determined. The choices made during the sale have direct impact on the entire collection.”

Minted on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure each NFT is unique, Macroverse is using a 72-hour mint window rather than the traditional set number of avatars. During this time, collectors can custom build their zombies from over 400 hand drawn assets, as well as have access to special collaborations and items only available to people on select pre-sale lists from partner collections. Each NFT is numbered and some items in the collection are limited in number to provide additional incentives for the earliest collectors. 

Collectors not only get the commercial and non-commercial rights to their characters, free NFT editions of the DeadTown comic series and perks in future Macroverse collections, but they are also invited to participate in the development of the world of DeadTown. They do this by creating backstories and lore for their zombies that can be incorporated into the official canon of the series and even green-lit into production as comics and more. Additional utility is also incorporated into the Macroverse ecosystem, and rewards will stack as more projects are released.

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