Dental Practice In El Paso Goes Viral For Smart Marketing Practices

Renowned SEO Consultant Christian Arriola reveals the secret

Austin, Texas , Jan. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A dental practice in El Paso has gone viral for its brilliant marketing practices, and top SEO Consultant Christian Arriola spills the beans on why it is an ingenious strategy that can bring astonishing results.

In fact, the first visual image of “Dentist Near Me” in El Paso, TX was shared online by Arriola. It became an almost instant sensation with likes and shares multiplying in double-quick time. In fact, the picture is still going viral as it is being shared on practically every platform including Facebook, Facebook Groups, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In fact, it is also being featured on TikTok, which is all the rage amongst people today.

Woobound Marketing, founded by global SEO practitioner and trainer Christian Arriola
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It’s interesting to note that the naming convention has also caught the attention of Google’s John Mueller, who remained skeptical about the strategy. It was Arriola, the SEO Expert however who set the ball rolling with his post along with the picture that was shared on LinkedIn. “Although this may seem spammy, Google Guidelines are clear. Google says your Google Business Profile should match your legal business name. So when their legal name is "Dentist near me" or "Vietnamese Restaurant" or "Christian’s Used Cars", then you're within Google’s guidelines to use keywords in your Google Business Profile,” he wrote in the post.

Arriola should know since he has been one of the sought-after SEO Consultants for local businesses for more than 10 years. Looking back on the post that has gone viral he says, “I took this picture to share it with my 2 close SEO friends. I never thought it would get more than 10 likes.” That in many ways encapsulates the power of Social Media and also the genius of the name of the dental practice that has caught the attention of people.

In his post, the local SEO consultant had mentioned that “Dentist Near Me of El Paso” was ranking on the top of results on Google Maps in the area. So that strategy, which some might question while others call genius, has had an impact. It certainly is leading to much excitement and discussion in the industry, and it might seem like a tempting proposition for other smaller businesses to make gains.

But Christian Arriola who founded SEO Agency – Woobound Marketing, which has brought fantastic results to many local businesses over the past decade, advocates for the strategy with some caution. “Having the main keyword in your name has often shown improvements of Google search results rankings. But if it's not part of their legal name, then I wouldn't suggest doing it. There can be penalties coming from Google if they find this to be just a ranking tactic and not an accurate legal name,” he said.

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Dental Practice In El Paso Goes Viral For Smart Marketing Practices