Triad Partners Emerges as Exclusive FMO for Top Advisors

After a year of operating under the radar, Triad Partners has announced it's opening the doors to top financial advisors across the country.

LAWRENCE, Kan., Feb. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After a year of operating under the radar, Triad Partners has  announced it's opening the doors to top financial advisors across the country.

The new FMO (field marketing organization) is a business development-focused company that creates customized, best-in-class marketing campaigns for an exclusive group of elite advisors.

"We don't build templated offerings," said Triad Partners Founder Shawn Sparks. "The advisors we work with want custom digital campaigns that fit the image of their brand. They want innovative marketing strategies tailored just for them."

To accomplish this, Triad partnered with top digital marketing experts across the country. "We've strategically chosen who our firm works with to create and implement high-class digital initiatives," Sparks said. "Our creative partners have worked with many A-list celebrities and Fortune 500 companies. Their platforms have reached millions of people - and the advisors we work with want a similar digital presence."

Triad's advisor list is elite, exclusive, and small. This design allows Triad to get to know their advisors' businesses much better than if they worked with a large group of advisors.

"We would rather have much deeper relationships with fewer people than have a broader reach and work more transactionally," Sparks said. "We believe that the old model is great for the majority of advisors, but the elite advisors want something entirely different. So we have focused all of our efforts in just working with them, and giving them what they want."

By design, most FMOs are product vendors that bring anybody and everybody on board to write products with them. This leaves the FMO making decisions on programs and offerings to serve the masses. But what the masses want and what the top advisors want are miles apart, so the best advisors oftentimes end up with the least value from an FMO and end up feeling like a number with nowhere to turn.

"What I love about Triad is that they don't just work with me, but instead work with my whole team to help our business improve," said Anthony Pellegrino, founder and CEO of Goldstone Financial Group. "When we all attended the Triad Scale Summit™ together as one group, this was the first time we all got to learn and experience a business development training together. Each member had breakouts for their specific role, and we all came together to share and improve. It was a real game-changer for us."

Instead of reactive coaching, Triad takes a proactive approach to coaching their elite advisors, and their proprietary curriculum shows advisors step-by-step what to do over time so that they can scale their business. They learn when to hire and for what positions; how to train employees; how to create scalable messaging; and how to create scalable processes. Most importantly, they learn how to scale a business that is not solely dependent on them for success. 

"One of the reasons I chose to join Triad Partners is because of their business development coaching," said Cathy Mendell, founder of Elevation Capital Strategies. "I've seen advisors share their philosophy for success over and over again. But this is the first time an FMO has shown me practical, step-by-step instructions on how to grow my business." 

At Triad, advisors' key team members participate in mastermind events, special roundtable discussions and one-on-one coaching. They also have access to Triad's proprietary curriculum, which covers specific steps about how to build a scalable business; includes hundreds of documents; a training manual; and video tutorials.

Triad chooses members who want to achieve success in business and in life. They coined the motto #DBDL - Do Business Do Life - and it remains at the forefront of all member interactions. 

About Triad Partners

Triad Partners is the most elite group of advisors, strategic partners and FMO professionals in the U.S. Visit for more information or to inquire about membership. 

Contact: Shawn Sparks, Triad Partners founder | | 316.361.7013

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Triad Partners Emerges as Exclusive FMO for Top Advisors

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