The On-Demand All-In-One eCommerce Solution: Say Hello to "Launch Cart"

Now anyone has the opportunity to build an on-demand online eCommerce store with a fully integrated Source and Sell Marketplace.

San Diego, CA, Feb. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new On-Demand eCommerce Saas platform, "Launch Cart," has officially launched with the Source and Sell Marketplace, providing a lower barrier of entry, especially for small businesses owners and entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Launch Cart gives entrepreneurs the ability to create an on-demand eCommerce store with thousands of products available through the Source and Sell Marketplace, where sellers will be able to sell products without inventory costs or fulfillment needs. Launch Cart also promises higher conversions and higher Average Order Value (AOV) for eCommerce sellers.  

The SaaS platform is being offered with a Freemium plan to empower entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to partake in the eCommerce boom without any monthly fees. 

Greg Writer, CEO of Launch Cart, explained, "We want to solve the pain points entrepreneurs and small business owners have and empower them to get started in eCommerce with the tools and training the 7, and 8 figure eCommerce sellers have". 

Launch Cart includes features not found on competing platforms like Shopify (symbol SHOP), Big Commerce (Symbol BIGC), WooCommerce, and Wix that include: Customer Reviews, Live Stream Selling, Order Bumps, a WYSIWYG Checkout Page Editor, Page Builder and Post Checkout, One Click Upsells, and Downsells.  

This cloud-based eCommerce platform empowers celebrities, influencers, and brands to quickly and easily launch an online "merch" store with products sourced from the Source and Sell Marketplace without spending money on inventory or the supply-side management and fulfillment challenges. There are currently over 330 products available for sellers to choose from.

With the new demands of today's consumers comes substantial pressure on digital platforms to deliver on those expectations. Businesses and brands today are seeking a user-friendly platform. After all, no customer wishes to browse a website that is challenging to navigate or takes forever to load a new page. This is where Launch Cart comes in.

With Launch Cart's "On-Demand" eCommerce model, anyone can create a store and offer hundreds of products to sell that they only pay for after they sell the goods. With this model, there are no inventory costs, no fulfillment headaches, and in most cases, sellers don't even have to create the product photos or descriptions. Launch Cart has made it more accessible.

Launch Cart's point-and-click platform is so simple that sellers do not need web development skills to get started. The platform was created for everybody, and that includes total beginners. But if users need extra help launching their online store, the platform has a collection of free training videos that will walk them through each step. 

The Source and Sell Marketplace is a wholesale marketplace where print-on-demand suppliers, manufacturers, and brands can list their products for Launch Cart sellers to offer their products for sale from their eCommerce store, using the drop-ship and affiliate marketing model. This will eventually create another distribution channel with millions of sellers globally for such brands. 

Chairman Bernt Ullmann said, "The Source and Sell Marketplace can revolutionize the opportunity for sellers to offer products from the marketplace using Artificial Intelligence and predictive analysis to create bundles on the fly."

In addition, Launch Cart's Source and Sell Marketplace will enable Launch Cart Sellers to cross-sell other Launch Cart seller products, creating a unique and valuable seller's community. 

Launch Cart is an entrepreneur's all-in-one solution to make, scale, and manage an eCommerce store. Business owners can create and organize an online store, sell in numerous currencies and countries, and manage customers, products, inventory, payments, and shipping with the platform. 

Those interested in starting their free online store can visit to know more about what Launch Cart can offer. Follow Launch Chart on social media on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram @Launchcart.  

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About Launch Cart

Launch Cart is a SaaS tech company creating a better, faster, higher-converting eCommerce platform with an integrated Source and Sell Marketplace that will lower the barrier of entry worldwide for tens of millions of entrepreneurs to build an online eCommerce business. 


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