Ogena Solutions and Puraclenz launch Next Generation Air and Surface Purifier Technology in the fight against Omicron

Kills over 99% of airborne viruses and bacteria and 95% of mold

STONEY CREEK, Ontario, Feb. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With no end in sight for the Covid-19 pandemic and with the highly contagious Omicron variant causing devastating outcomes, it’s quite clear that existing cleaning, disinfecting and air filtering technologies have been challenged well past their abilities. One product has now entered the fight– the OgenaShield Air and Surface Purifier by Puraclenz, proven to kill over 99% of airborne viruses and bacteria, over 95% of mold, and over 60% of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid) on exposed surfaces* without using a HEPA filter.

Using an advanced and patented version of the same technology originally used to provide clean air for astronauts aboard the International Space Station, the OgenaShield Air and Surface Purifier is the product of years of rigorous testing and the partnering of the brilliant minds at Puraclenz (the manufacturers) and Ogena Solutions (exclusive Master Distributor for Canada and the NA Animal Health sectors).

Here’s how it works: Unlike HEPA filters which require the virus to pass through the filter unit to be captured, the OgenaShield Air and Surface Purifier by Puraclenz destroys pathogens in the air as soon as they are introduced into the room. Now imagine someone coughing or sneezing and having those pathogens attacked instantly.

“Although HEPA filters are an excellent addition to any indoor space, a widespread misconception is that they ‘kill’ 99.97% of pathogens in the room they’re in. In fact, the 99.97% rating only speaks to what the filter ‘captures’ from the air that actually passes through the filter. The reality in science is that in the real world, HEPA filters normally only capture approximately 50% of indoor particulates.* In the time it takes a HEPA air purifier to filter pathogens, there are up to 60 minutes that people can inhale toxic pathogens. In contrast, the OgenaShield Air and Surface Purifier by Puraclenz destroys pathogens mid-air and attack as soon as the pathogen comes from someone’s mouth,” explains Dave Hachey, president and founder of Ogena Solutions.

In addition, the OgenaShield Air and Surface Purifier by Puraclenz kills 95% of pathogens on exposed surfaces – countertops, shelves, door handles, sink taps, etc. How wonderful would it be to finally feel at ease when going into a place of business and knowing there was an extra layer of purification for you there?

“For us to finally be able to live with Covid-19 and be able to function as normally as we did before the pandemic, it’ll require our workspaces and businesses to be safer places to go. With these purifiers working alongside the other tools that we utilize today we can help everyone get there again. If every indoor space had the technology to be able to kill viruses mid-air and on all exposed surfaces, it would be one of the biggest game changers since the beginning of the pandemic,” said Hachey.

How does the OgenaShield Air and Surface Purifier by Puraclenz technology work?
The 2020 patented technology leverages the power of a ‘next generation’ form of Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO). Unlike air filters (HEPA), the design does not require viruses to pass through the unit. Instead, the purifiers increase the number of (already present) positive and negative ions in the air in the room to the point where they kill pathogens.

“We launched Puraclenz to help bring powerful, cost effective and safe ozone-free solutions to everyone who has been affected by the pandemic,” said Chris Dooley, Co-Founder and CEO of Puraclenz. “We are committed to helping create clean air and surfaces indoors for all, something people are more concerned about now more than ever.”

Approvals and Testing
Unlike traditional ionizing systems all OgenaShield units have UL2998 Certification for being zero ozone, as well as CARB (The California Air Resource Board) certification as being safe for use in the presence of people and animals. In addition, all independent laboratory tests were performed at ion levels that each individual purifier unit can maintain in its rated square footage.

Three Sizes Available
Available with single unit coverages of 750 sq. ft., 1,500 sq. ft. and 3,000 sq. ft., all are commercial grade and ideal for use in places such as schools, gyms, restaurants, sports facilities, daycares, offices, public transportation, lunchrooms, senior housing, agriculture worker housing, etc.

Easy to Use and Maintain
These compact and easy-to-install units need very minimal maintenance – just plug into a standard wall outlet. They can be placed onto a table or other surface and come complete with a wall and ceiling mounting bracket (so they can be installed out of reach).

Prices range from $299-$499 USD ($399 - $699 CDN) with total 5-year operational costs being as low as .29 cents/sq. ft. (.39 cents CDN) making this product one of the most affordable and effective air purifiers on the market. For more information visit https://ogenasolutions.com/ogena-shield/

About Ogena Solutions
For more than 17 years, Ogena Solutions has forged an identity as one of the most respected animal health biosecurity companies in North America and over the last several years has been expanding its knowledge and experience into the human health sector. Following a ‘One Health’ philosophy, Ogena Solutions offers innovative, state-of-the-art products and technologies that meet the highest standards for efficacy, efficiency, and safety, providing best-in-class solutions for government agencies, corporations, and small businesses throughout the continent.

About Puraclenz
Puraclenz™ the next generation of indoor air purification cleans indoor air and exposed surfaces in homes and businesses at the source. Our revolutionary, certified ozone-free PCO technology continuously deactivates dangerous pathogens, including mold spores, viruses, bacteria, fungal allergens, and odors. Welcome to the future of clean.

* Feb 2021 ASHRAE Position Document on Air Purification and Cleaning
* Surface testing at Microbac Laboratories (A Certified Level 3 Biohazard Containment Facility) showed a 60%+ kill rate despite being challenged with six full outdoor air changes during the 1-hour test.

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