KPM’s Karya Kares Clinic Makes Big Plans to Impact Community Health in 2022

Upcoming programming includes oral health, sports fitness, nutrition, and more!

Houston, Texas, Feb. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the steady continuation of the new year, local Houston-based organizations are seeking to add new changes to better benefit their community. Across the Houston area, various charities are seeking to implement new goals, features, and programs in order to bolster continued success across the following months ahead.  

Among these organizations, the Karya Kares Clinic envisions brand new opportunities, projects, and services for its patients in 2022. The Karya Kares Clinic was founded by Karya Kares, a Houston-based charity organization designed to spread a message of compassion and goodwill across the country, cementing itself through charity and education-focused programs including providing rental assistance, child swimming safety, gun violence education, and more. First opening in 2021, the Karya Kares Clinic is primarily focused on helping patients make key health-based decisions in their daily lifestyle, whether it’s focused on nutrition, exercise, forming a dietary plan of action, or providing educational services in order to help communicate better health-focused strategies. The free community clinic acts as a means of offering cost-effective services to all its patience in a way that encourages mindfulness, compassion, and making the best nutritional choices, utilizing its resources in order to cultivate a more productive, healthier society. 

In preparation for the new year, the Karya Kares Clinic has recently announced a broader form of service for its patients, covering an array of different health subjects including sports fitness, nutrition guidelines, oral health, and more. Recently, the clinic has begun a series of monthly online educational presentations for current and prospective patients, offering helpful tips and tricks to guide patients towards better eating habits in order to reduce the presence of major health issues. The clinic aims to utilize these educational presentations in a way that offers a comprehensive look towards making the right choices in one’s daily health lifestyle.  

With increased time and attention spent on addressing major health issues within the community, the Karya Kares Clinic acts as a shining beacon for anyone looking for quality health services at a cost-effective, compassion-focused level. The Clinic aims to continue pushing the envelope when it comes to offering new services and educational opportunities to its patients and the public, shaping itself for new explorations in the months ahead. 

All interested parties can learn more about the clinic, as well as set up an appointment at, or call 832-617-7250.  


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